New Beginnings

As we begin the new year, we also face some major challenges with our Hot Rods and event schedules. The Covid-19 has placed a tight rein on what we can and cannot do in the coming months. The vaccine availability is scarce and will be the ruling factor in 2021.

As I mentioned earlier the GNRS and the LARS both have been canceled for 2021. I’m sure many more will be canceled due to the pandemic. I know it is better to be safe than be inflected with the very dangerous disease. I have my shots scheduled with the VA and should be safe from others.¬†

I advise all of you to take advantage of the vaccine and get registered as soon as possible. The sooner the better so we can get back to normal with our Hot Rods. Vendors are pulling back also need to get cure to be safe at the events.

I turned 80 this month and the is a new milestone in my journey through life’s long road. Perhaps I can complete some of my projects with my RA now under control. Blue is waiting patiently for me to install the parts required to make her a good driver for my age.

The world has changed due to the epidemic so we have to adjust our lives to  continue with our journey. Move on and adapt to the change.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

Canceled for 2021

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