Naked, Patina and Primer — See — Paint Jail is not for me!

I know you have all heard my complaints about having my rear door painted but I have also experienced some real embarrassing times having a complete car painted. Once in Florida I have a very cherry 34 sedan being painted black by a well know painter who decide that he would keep the nice fenders and paint some ones he had. I won’t go into details but you need to protect your parts when you leave a Hot Rod at a painters shop for a long period of time with some really nice parts. Once painted they are hard to tell from not so good ones. I have always had better luck going with someone who is local and everyone knows his/her character. I have painted lots of chassis parts but I leave the body work and paint to the experts. We have some excellent ones in LA that have a great reputation and are reasonable if you call $15-25K reasonable. I won’t go into the cost of materials, labor, EPA and a host of other items that drive the cost of a decent paint job out of most of our budgets.

The alternative has been to leave the car in bare metal (naked), primer it, or leave the body in the patina form  you found it rust and all. They all have a place in the hobby even though my preference is the nicely painted body and chassis with lots of details, not everyone goes that route today when building their Hot Rod. Using a scotch brit pad to keep the body clean and some Gibbs oil or clear coating is popular with some as is shade of primer like we used to do in the 50’s-60’s. I used to mix a quart of colored paint with light gray primer and give it a go. My friend Bob just did his 40 pickup in a nice shade of blue primer and then clear coated the body and fenders. It looks fantastic and won’t fad. I not sure I will ever build another car but if I do, I would consider some other form of coating than expensive paint jobs.

Update on Pepe. Donnie has it all back together and I have just reinstalled the new radiator and we should have a christening this week. Four months down time but mostly do to the knee surgery and complications with blood clots and Gout. I am still recovery but can at least work on the car a little each day.

Stay Tooned!


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Jim Smith has his Phaeton is the driving mode and I like it a lot. The top made a big difference to me.

Keeping the body and chassis is “as found” condition also is another way to go. Can you say patina! The Jalopy Kid on the HAMB.

Paint the chassis and parts in your garage add the patina body with a mild chop and you have a Hot Rod that will attract tons of attention.

Making it perfect will cost lots of money so leave it in Naked for all to enjoy.

If you can’t find a B-400 then have one built from a sedan and leave it Naked!

Ryan and Jim have set the standard for Naked bodies and chassis with this 40 Woody masterpiece. He does plan paint soon but this should stay like this for all to admire the work Ryan has done.

Andy has the talented crew that built this Ridler Award contender for Detroit this year.

Andy painted the bare metal beauty for the show but Naked looks good to me.

Richard purchased this 34 roadster from Don Thelan years ago and left it as purchased with some upgrades by his shop. I fell in love with roadster many years ago and would love to own one like it.

Naked is looking good on this roadster from Steadfast.

Ryan will be starting on Brian’s 40 pickup and I’m not sure if it will stay primer. Stance is the name of the game at Reeds Rides and Design.

My friend Bob-O has owned this primered tub on and off for several years. It’s done!

Another bitch’n 5-window in a naked appearance looks good as is. Scotch brit and Gibbs.

The 3-window in a Naked look is ready for some action just as is.

Wide 5’s and QC with A-spring really is the correct look for this coupe.

I have followed this one for years and don’t know if it was ever painted but I’m in love again.

Primer everything and start driving.

Add the 37 truck grille for an early 50’s look.

Finding one like this would be a dream and leaving alone would be the way to go.

Chris has pieced his beauty together and left in gray primer.

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