Mother’s Day Special

I will be headed to the Bay Area for Mother’s Day so this will be the final post for this week. This is an annual event for our family as we pay respect to our Mothers and all they do for us during the year. Today, many Mothers work full time and still manage to deal with their normal responsibilities of children, meals, cleaning, laundry and the list goes on and on. I have always appreciated my wife for her stamina over all these years. And we all know, how they take care of us and help us with our Hot Rod builds, by giving us verbal support from time to time as well as joining us on the many road trips and events over the years. I am very proud of my wife and all of her accomplishments while being a Mother in all aspects of the job. She even enjoys riding in the Hot Rod!!


From Faith and Tim — “How you speak to a girl”

“You better respect the hell out of your Momma”

To all Mother’s out there this is your day!

Stay Tooned!


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For that Mother’s Day Brunch at the Club, a Woodie is the best choice for her ride.

If she is a little on the “Wild Side” she may like to arrive in her “White Phaeton!”

If she is more reserve and doesn’t want her hair to blow this Deuce would be perfect for “Her Day!”

If she needs more room for the flowers then a 33 would be appropriate.

If you must have roll up windows your convert will please her.

If you need all the room for the gifts after the Brunch then take the delivery. 

The 1940 Ford sedan is another class act for Mother’s Day rides to Brunch.

A very classy ride is the 1939 Ford convertible.

A Moal built 29 really would be the high end of Mother’s Day rides. This one is for sale also.

Jane likes the 47 rag tops for her ride to Brunch.

Joan drove this one with her fancy hats to church on Mother’s Day.

Silly boys, Trucks are for girls!

She would be proud to ride in this one.

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