Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day has always been special to me for many reasons. First is to recognize all the work a Mother puts in to raise you with all the right training and support you with your dreams. Second is to appreciate the love she gave you throughout the years. And lastly, leaving me with a wonderful memory of her over the years. Mother’s are the heartbeat of the family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Pewsplace Mothers. Enjoy your day — you earned it.

Stay Tooned!


She loved the personal card I made in school.

I thought this was a great photo from England.
We love our woodies and Bikini’s
The 39 woodie has some great lines.
I don’t know anything about this but I like the looks and color.
Beautifully restored 1951 IHC Snap-on-Tools truck!
A real cutie of a RPU -T style.
By contrast this Deuce looks huge!
Mother’s Day Special
My dream roadster showed up today on FB.
Perfect 40 coupe!
5W 33 looks so sweet and racy.
I watched Roy and his team build this one. Scott is enjoying it now.
The start of the Fat Girl look and 35-38 Ford part movement!
Bruce has the eye for Deuces and stance. His new 5W is looking good.
I like the wires and HS look of this sedan.
Mother’s Day choices for a ride to Malibu! Surf’s Up Dude!
Great photo of Scott’s Brizio built 5 window.
Cory has complete his chop on the 33 –  5W. Looks good to me.
A fellow GM guy built this winner in his garage. Loads of talent.
Always a happy Mother’s Day time at Brizio’s Open House. All the roadsters you could ever want to see were in the back lot.

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