More Fat Girls and Model 40’s

I am at both ends of my early Ford loves today. The Model 40 has long been my favorite roadster and Phaeton with the 42-48 Ford convertibles becoming my later loves in life. I have owned a plethora of both of them and continue to enjoy driving and working on them. My building days are over due to my long damaged back but I still manage to build a few parts and keep my skills in tact. Being a caretaker for two Hot Rods requires lots of diagnostic time and physical effort to keep them in good running shape. Jane and I, along with our Back Road Boys, spend several days a years traveling the Back Roads in the Hot Rods and enjoying the beautiful topography we have in California. At seventy-seven, I hope I can continue on until they take my license away.

The season if basically over for us with one more Back Road Boys trip and the Malibu Christmas Woody Parade. The holidays require a great deal of time with the family and grandkids which is really what life is all about. Cars are important to most of us, but take a second place when the grandkids come to town. I love the fall and the holidays that follow and wish all of you the best during the season. Just think we only have a few months left of 2017 before we can bring in the New Year with a bang and start all over again.

Remember, Rough Roads often lead to beautiful destinations!


Stay Tooned!


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JR built this one and I always liked it for the lowness with a dropped axle.

Steve said I left out the rare 42 Fat Girl and I did. I found photos of this beauty by Stoker’s to share with you.

Top down version looks inviting to me and my date.

Terry had some photos of the early project which shows how nice the body and trim look.

Rory and his Dad build some very nice Hot Rods like this 34 hiboy roadster.

Here is another shot in his garage. He has all the period parts installed.

Terry and Ray finished Lucy to suit their taste and I love both styles. Do you ever wonder why they don’t hold model 40 only events. They are sure a beautiful Hot Rod in my mind.

A Wescott bodied 33 built by Don Small really grabbed attention of those of us at the PRC event in 2010. Why can’t we have this event and the LARS combined. Just a thought for something different to attract crowds and roadster owners on Sunday.

Dennis owns this pristine 34 Phaeton and has it on the market. I know it would look good in my garage.

He told me the car never had any rust issues.

I love this tub just the way it is…no changes needed.

Roy built perfection when he did this 33 for Bruce.  Simply Stunning!

All the “Right Stuff”


Sid did his usual fine job of making the interior and top perfect.

Built by Bill Swanson with some help from Pete Eastwood on the chassis, this historic 33 that is now Ardun Head equipped. This replaced the in-line six that Harry Warner installed as a test mule for his Wayne six cylinder components.

Mike Boyack built his 34 tub to drive and drive it he does on our Back Road Boys meetings. Tubs were popular in the 80’s but have layed dormant for the past several years. I hope there is a comeback.

The Tub strikes an impressive profile with the top off.

Dave is a member of the “You Gotta Drive’m” club.

A former Hot Rod in the 60’s, Dave purchased the former Neal East car and has owned it for many years. He has logged over 200,000 miles on the buggy spring chassis.

I would love to find a project like this 33 just waiting for some TLC which I have plenty of these days.

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