Mondays’s Rain

Winter has arrived and I hope it leaves soon. The weekend was great and the weather held for B&E Custom’s Open house. This shop had a super event and a good turnout. Bobby was a gracious host and supplied a shop tour, music and a very tasty lunch. Bobo and I went over in his coupe and enjoyed the event. Robert Williams showed up in his Deuce 3 window as well as a lot of other Valley rodders.

The shop is as clean and neat as Boyd used to keep his. A place for everything and everything in place. Several cars are under construction and were available for inspection. The workmanship and paint quality are top notch. The facility is very nice and located in Chatsworth, Califronia.

After taking a few photos I headed home to watch the Daytona 500. Rain and more rain.

Stay Tooned!



For your folks back East, we have some bad weather sometimes. This is the hail on my car yesterday. Cold for a change.


Nice Brizio built Vicky at the show. I think it was chopped about and inch or so. Very high end car.


The owner came with a nice hi-tech 33 hiboy roadster. Bad sounding motor…Big Block I believe.


Note front louvers are facing forward. I have never seen this before. Lil John used to have them reversed to the inside.


Billy and Robert’s coupes. Both car are really nice Hot Rods.


Another shot of Robert William’s Deuce.


Jim Defrank drove his Woody over for the day. This is a very nicely done car and looks comfortable for those long trips to the beach.


Some examples of the shops metal and paint work were displayed on this once 4 door Mercury made into a convertible. How would you like to block sand the beauty?


One Ford sedan delivery showed up and had perfect paint and flames. I like this one.


Plenty of good food for everyone. Taco’s that rock.


Bobby has an extensive array of metal working tools to make and form any thing you can imagine. He also has great talent to perform the task.


A freshly painted Willy’s coupe was being assembled. High quality paint work. The paint room looks like your living room.


View of shop showing various projects.



The shop rate, ($85/hr), was clearly posted so you are not surprised by the bill. High quality work in a nice facility is not inexpensive. You get what you pay for. You could look at the cars under construction and see the work being done was first class. More shops should review their labor rates and explain the billing process so there is not a misunderstanding during construction.

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