Monday’s Update

The weekend was quiet and nice at Pewsplace. I pushed Andre outside and made some braces for the dolly to make it more stable. I spent Sunday morning at the B&E open house looking at cars and talking to old friends. Bobby and Eugene have some interesting projects in their shop. The day was sunny and bright and many cars turned out for the show. I drove Ruby and parked her next to a very nice 40 Ford coupe so she would feel at home. I had a good time and headed back about noon to begin working on the car. I still have the drive and even more so after looking at the completed cars in the shop. Thanks to B&E for hosting the event which was their 4th annual.

I am sure most of you have heard of the Tardell Flathead Ranch in northern California. Vern has been building traditional cars for many years and he and his son Keith (Rex Rods) are still doing the same. My friend Gary sent along some photos he snapped while he visited Vern last week.

Here are some photos for you to view.

Stay Tooned!


Ruby loved the 40 coupe parked next to her. A very stock appearing coupe with a detailed hot rod flathead under the hood.

A built 8BA with all the accessories looked good in the maroon coupe.

The 29 sport coupe turned roadster has been a long term project for the shop. The final paint will be orange which will really stand out with the red accents. Yes, their shop is always this clean.

They were doing some repair work on this rare 34 vicky. I have seen this car for many years at various events and it is really nice.

Bobby can do some serious metal shaping and fabricating when required. He has mated a Model A Vicky to a Deuce cowl for a 31 1/2 model. No small task.

This 49 Chevy brought back memories of my high school days. I ran the Moon disc on my Chevy for a few months and then switched to chrome reversed when I had enough money to step up.

A very nice 55 chevy post was parked on the other side of Ruby. I think these cars have become the new Deuce of today’s younger hot rodders.

I am proud of my new dolly and Andre loved being outside in the sunshine for a change. The HOA can’t see back here and I can do anything I want provided the wife doesn’t complain. She always does a good job cleaning up after me.

Here is the door to traditional hot rods. Note the logo.

Vern will always have a Deuce hiboy going together in his well known traditional style. Yes, that is a QC peeking out from under the rear.

Vern is an expert on the transmissions, steering boxes and overall design of a traditional roadster. He has published several books outlining the parts to be used.

Look closely and you will see that the front spreader bar is made from a model A wishbone. Very clever.

Keith is chopping the top on this beauty. Deep maroon with Mercury wheels and big white walls spell custom.

A photo of the rear shows the Studebaker tail lights and tail dragging stance.


Here is a parting shot of the Hot Dog area. Note the two roadsters ready to go. Vern’s and Mike’s cars have been driven many miles and provided a lot of enjoyment for the drivers.

Today’s Favorite!

A new reproduction 5 window is now available from Sweden. This is another one that has come on the market. I believe the demand for a 5 window is greater than the 3 window. What do you think?


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