Monday’s Worries

Monday always starts off with big plans and goes down hill from there. I started out heading over to take pictures of Donnie’s 39 many door to put on ebay and ended up at the GMC dealer getting my brakes fixed in Jane’s new Denali. GM went on strike today, so I wanted to make sure and have everything fixed in case it is a long one. The master cylinder was down a lot, so the attention could not wait. Finally, at 2:00 pm I snapped the pictures.

This week is the time to have my frame painted, so I will finally be ready to reassemble the car and clean up the garage. I have had back problems recently, so I am running behind my schedule by about two weeks. Sounds normal for me. I hope to have it back in about 2 weeks and that will give me time to have the Quick Change put together ready to install. Ron has had health problems also, so he is behind. The “Golden Years” sure require a lot of “Down Time”.

Here are some pictures from some events over the last year.




Tom McMullen’s roadster. I saw this in 1963 while attending the NHRA Nationals in Indy. The first real Hiboy I ever saw and never forgot. Tom was parked on a sidewalk in front of a bar with many people looking over the car. It simply was the best, being from California and a true Hot Rod.


How about a woodgrained dash in a 41 Ford sedan delivery. Looks good?


Me having fun in Las Vegas.


Cam Grant’s helmet disc brake covers. Neat!


Nice garage in the Petersen Museum. Those were the days!

Sneak Peek


Tim’s son new Barcelona Blue 40 coupe. A very nice car.

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