Monday’s Work

My daughter and her friend came home for the weekend so work on Andre was limited. Pace did help me with the engine analysis and I learned a lot about bore taper and a dial bore gauge. I don’t have the gauge but I sure understand why you need to measure the taper in the cylinders. The piston wears the cylinder most at the top of the bore where the pressure is the greatest and the lubrication is the least. I don’t think I have a problem, but Ron will measure it with the block plate to make sure my micrometer is accurate. I really enjoy taking the engine apart and looking at the wear patterns on the parts. The engine is surprising in great shape and very clean (even the water jackets are not rusty).

Frank has a recommendation for a different cam than the GM 050 model. He uses an Engle Hot Rod cam and likes the sound, performance and gas mileage. I will take that into consideration when I go to purchase the cam. It seems like a lot of my readers like the 327 engine and have tried various cams and bore sizes. In general, don’t go over .040 if you can help it.

My high school buddy, Dave, finally got his car out of upholstery jail and it looks fantastic. He will be driving it to Toppers to show and tell. I can’t wait to see the car in person. Sometimes the wait is worth it.

I have a lot of work to accomplish this week and I am motivated and focused on building the 327 hot rod motor.

Stay Tooned!


Here is Dave’s purple people eater that he drove for years. The Deuce pick up is his latest project.

Here is the new version in the “basic black” is beautiful theme. He put the chrome back on the hood and added a stock dash and steering column. The chop is 4 inches.

Dave kept the Studebaker tail lights and 49 Chevy bumper guard which screams custom. The car is a rust free model and very straight. The Halibrands looks real good with the black tires.

Dave added a new Glide seat and maroon upholstery. The design fits the style of the car and is very nicely executed. I love the stock dash but there is a secret.

When you open the ash try the A/C vent looks you in the eye.

When you open the center grille section the radio is in full view and easy access

When you lift up on the radio delete plate the center A/C vent is visible. Lots of work but worth the effort to keep the stock looking dash.

Stroker was busy this weekend at Leno’s garage. Here Jay is listening to Tom explain the basics of the rejuvenated 40 coupe that was destroyed by fire earlier this year. Jay is a super good guy and a real car person.

Jay loves engines and Tom is explaining how the engine caught on fire when trying to start the car. HR&CS is to be commended for doing the restoration for one of Hot Rod’s legends. The car will be going to SEMA in a couple of weeks.

 Today’s Woody!

Fast Eds did the upholstery work on this new 40 woody. I am not sure who owns it but I have room in my garage for the car. The drip rails or welting has not been installed.

Here is another hidden stereo system installed in the above woody. A remote is located in the front seat.

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