Monday’s Woody Dream

Football season is here and I think both USC and UCLA will be able to go to Oregon and come home a winner. Both teams seem up for the season.  We will see about Stanford next week. I spent the day in the hot heat and accomplished very little but did some dreaming about my new dream of building a 40 Ford woody for my last project.

I have located a couple of projects that have some promise, are priced reasonable (minus wood) and have the required brackets. I have a good friend of mine who did build a 37 from a rough start and just finished it a couple of years ago. I asked him to send me some construction photos so I could determine how much work and time is required to complete the car. He spent 7 years and worked on it when he had time. I would devote full time to the project or have someone put it together for me. I am 72 years old, in failing health but have a strong will to own a woody. The wife walks away when I talk about it so I know I can’t count on her for support but I can win her over as she loves Woodies.

I forgot about the Harbor Run so I don’t have any photos from the weekend for you but the coming weekend should provide lots of photo opportunities at Wavecrest and the Outriders Picnic.

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes your dream starts with a puchase you made with high hopes of making it your dream woody. The wife and your friends think you need to be committed.

A new chassis was built offsite and hauled home for painting in the carport area. Yes, a homebuilt woody as only Gary can do. The MII was a great idea and provides fabulous steering and ride quality.



Gary and George hauled the primered structure to the woody man for some assistance in fitting the wood kit to the body. This is not an easy task for the novice and should be farmed out if you don’t want to ruin the wood.

After a few weeks the 37 was starting to take shape and the dream was closer to reality. The body was built on the original chassis.

The new chassis was slid under the body after being painted. Note the milk crates used for holding the body steady. Gary will never have any dirt on his floors. I can’t do this for some reason.

Once the body was installed,

Gary sprayed the varnish on the new wood which was sanded between coats. Here is where you need the correct brackets for attaching the uprights to the roof section.

The roof section was sprayed while off the car. These roofs are very expensive but make the woody a woody in my mind.

The front seat was done in a stock pattern and looks good against the wood panels. Note the Dynamate on the floor boards… no hot feet in this woody.

The rear seat was left out to increase the storage area for the long trips to Tahoe.

A ride in the partially completed Woody was most gratifying to Gary after years of hard work.

Gary completed his Woody las year and took me for a ride. I though he was crazy for starting the project and I when I saw his final masterpiece I though he was a Picaso.

Today’s Dream Woody Project! Can it be realized?

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