Monday’s Winter Blues

Winter has arrived in SO-CAL. Rain, sleet and snow along with freezing temperatures make it a rare day in LA. I have been inside most of the weekend except for a wonderful trip to Malibu to see the Woodies. My friend Walt, could not go so I went by myself. I saw some movie stars and lots of beautiful homes and scenery.

I have received some very nice pictures from some of my readers and will post them for your viewing. In all the gloom and doom that is on the news today I am very happy to see the love for the Hot Rod is still alive and doing well across the World. My friend in Canada, John, who I have known for 40 years sent along some pictures of one of my early 3 window coupes. I was really happy to receive them as I had forgotten about the build.

I have located another sedan delivery from my ads so I am off to Orange County this week to view some cars. I understand Steve has sneaked into LA and bought himself a nice 40 Ford coupe. Way to go Steve.

Happy Holidays!

Stay Tooned!



Thanks to my friend John here is a photo of my 3 window being worked on in my first house. Circa 1969-70. Jane and I drove to Minnesota in a snow storm, paid a plow man to make a road for us and brought it home. The car was very nice and provided the family a lots of fun for many years. The new owner still has it in Atlanta.


The car was apart as you can see. I had just finished putting in a 3/8 x 3/8 flathead built by one of the best in Detroit. If Jane only knew how much it cost. I also installed a new Bell axle I purchased from California. The car never ran hot. Jim Babb radiator was the solution. Yes, both Jane and I were working and not children.


Rear view showing spare tire and stock wheels. I later changed to KH curved spokes with big and littles. The interior was stock with woodgraining and mohair.


Harry, a long time Detroit Hot Rodder is restoring a 29 roadster that was in HRM in the 50’s. The car will be the same except for Ardun power.


Ted’s 32 roadster with thirsty Hemi is a beautiful sight rather than the SBC’s seen in so many cars. Detroit is all about cars and I hope will continue to be in the future.


40 Mercury convertible from the central coast of California. The car sure has the early look with chopped top and all.


Beautiful Deuce with baby Hemi and lots of chrome. The engine is sure coming back into the Hot Rodding scene. Have you priced one of these lately. WOW!


He is also building a 32 RPU with a Cadillac and a unique dash treatment. While not quite finished this promises to be a head turner when completed. Nice work.


Rear view showing bed and stance. Green looks nice on these cars.


I am not sure what the dash is but it sure looks good in the car. I am guessing Chevrolet.

Santa’s Deliveries Red, of course.


Nice red beauty I found last night while getting the toys ready for delivery.


Bumper appears to be a 41 similar to Lou,s red SD. Note dual taillights. Real shiny car.


Another red delivery with billet wheels. Santa goes high tech.


Red delivery with steel wheels and white walls. Yes, I like these.


Santa is trying to fit my new sedan in his delivery. I hope he makes it happend

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