Monday’s Weekend

It is late Monday and I am just getting to the daily blog. I have been busy all day on the 32 chassis for the sedan. I installed the front and rear crossmembers so I could make it a roller. I have the chassis on a jig that rolls but I am anticipating a body soon so I need the car to roll on big boy tires and wheels. Steelies, of course.

The weekend weather wise was fantastic. Sunday was the local car show so I headed down early to join the boys and shoot the bull. Lots of cars and motorcycles attend the Chambers Lane show each year. I didn’t stay long as the honey do list is getting bigger as the summer nears. I did manage to take a few pictures to share with you and I hope you enjoy them.

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



Alan’s very nice black all steel roadster with the best of everything and built all with his talent and hands. I can’t wait to see my convertible when its done.


Bobo showed up in his chopped 50 Mercury from the past. Tuck and roll and nicely detailed. Chop is perfect on this one. SBC power with automatic and A/C.


Dave got his dash back together and now features newly painted interior appointments in a Taupe color by B/A Customs. They do nice work. Dave needs a good transmission man that can install speedometer gears.


Frank had may favorite car of the show. The 34 was an epay car that turned out nice. He also has a Deuce 5 window hiboy going together for this summer.


Here is the firewall after I made new feet for the lower section. Holes are next.


Front crossmember installed. I did not pinch the frame in case I want fenders later on. Gary approved this message.


Rear crossmember installed. I choose a model A to clear the quickchange and because Bobo told me that is how they did it back then. He should know, he was an acquaintance of Joe Nitti. Gary did not approve this message.


Jerry sent some pictures of his B-400 with new tires and wheels. It seems the Portland Swap meet had some deals on the 18’s & 17’s. Jerry it looks good but I am still getting altitude sickness from the height of the car. Maybe a dropped axle without hurting anything on this valuable car. Call Lynn Williams and ask him how he did his.

Dreaming…Today’s ride.


My friend Tom’s Bonneville race car. I need to get to Orange County quick and pickup the car.

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