Monday’s Weekend Update

We are having the best weather you could ask for in Southern California. Perfect fall weather for going to car shows and working in the yard. Well, going to car shows for sure. I attended the Roaming Relics show in Moorpark, had a good time and saw a lot of old friends. I know that I am getting old when I only stay a couple of hours and then head home. I enjoy most type of cars but just prefer the tradition style Hot Rods as opposed to the current Hi Tech style. I only took a few photos and I will share them with you. The turnout was good and lots of people showed up to view the cars.

I spent the entire weekend working on my two projects, the roadster and the sedan. I have some photos of the new floor plate for the steering column and the boxing plates for the Deuce. I seem to keep busy during these bad news times and try not to let the financial markets get me down. I have all ready voted so I don’t watch much television as they have elected the president for the American public prior to the vote. Being a Republican isn’t easy these days.

Here are some real news events to view.

Stay Tooned!



Jim was there with his two Woody’s and a California Car Cover display. He is always working.


Unique Phaeton with 6 wheels. Reproduction but a nicely done Street Rod. The car looked fresh. We need to see more of these.


SAR’s version of a 34 RPU. Nicely done with Chevy and Bomber seats. The top looks funny to me. Too straight in the back. Primer and unusual wheels and covers.


Sam Foose did this chopped 40 coupe many years ago. I don’t like any 40 chopped, but if I did this would be the one. The owner keeps in immaculate.


My style 39 cloud mist gray coupe Hot Rod. How can you improve on these lines?


This is a Kugel Muroc roadster that was over the top. While I am not into these cars this one was nicely executed and very detailed. LS6 power, Kugel independent suspension front and rear, Gabes interior. I liked the windshields on these cars. The bodies were built by Marcel and Sons in Corona. WOW!


Do you rember..She’s real fine my 409! Here she is. Chip has a convertible with a 409 that he is waiting to restore.


New fuse panel for the roadster.


Steering column, drop and floor plate completed this weekend. I am moving along…finally.


Boxing plates for the sedan. These are hard to make when you don’t have a Plasma cutter. Hint to my wife. Xmas is coming. She never reads this so I am safe.




Sneak Preview from the Jalopy Journal and HeimSteve, MIke Ferris. Dan Webbs “Golden Sub” to be shown at SEMA this year.
Thom Taylor, Craig Naff and other famous craftsmen helped in this creation. Dan has the talent to create a masterpiece in metal. See JJ for more on this fine piece of art.

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