Monday’s Weekend Update

Beautiful weekend in LA except for all the grieving from the USC and UCLA football fans. We need to stay out of Oregon and Washington during football season. I had a USC Sunday football pick myself. I missed 6 games. Oh well, I am going to stick to cars.

I did spend a lot of time removing the wood floor in the delivery. I am not finished but have all of the many screws removed and the first inner board on each side. I now have to go under the car and remove the 4 hold down bolts. Jane is home so she needs the practice. If all goes well I will have the floor out today.

I did not attend any cars shows but have a few pictures to share today.

Stay tooned!



Here is a nice roadster in the modern copper color.


Rear stance showing Mercury wheels and caps. Brizio likes these wheels. I have a set for my sedan that I don’t have. You should always purchase items when you see them and have the money.


You can make a FG 5 window look good. New Age Motorsports makes a nice one.


Somewhere in Glendale this beauty is waiting for its owner to finish her. MINT, chopped 3 inches and waiting for adoption.


Steve Davis is a high quality metal man and is working on LJ son’s model A sedan. This should be a real nice sedan when completed.


My favorite hiboy (one of them) Washburns, Lenoard Blue, SO-CAL built beauty.


Tom has done some serious work under his dash on this perfect 40 coupe. This is one of the best recent builds IMHO.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


Joe getting ready to race Bob O. Note the hair and jacket.


Here is Joe’s car many years later at the GNRS fully restored and gorgeous. Another favorite. I have not seen Pats since he finished the paint but understand it is very nice.

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