Monday’s Weekend Update

I completely missed posting on Friday. I spent all day working on my dash and was just too tired to write. I really had wanted to go to the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield but things didn’t work out that way. Bakersfield is only 90 miles away, but the walking at the track is more than I can handle. I know I could have taken a cart but I just had to settle for looking at the live video and pictures on the net. The internet makes almost all things possible right in the privacy of your home. I agree there is no substitution for being there but at least you can see the event.

The Pomona Swap meet was also on Sunday and I really needed to go and find some parts for Andre. Pomona is worst than Bakersfield as far as walking goes. Someone said walking every row is equivalent to walking five miles. I settled for a nice relaxing week at home working in the garage.

I had an opportunity to meet a legend in the Top 75 Deuce World. It seems Doyle Gammell is having his car upholstered by a fellow in SV and was visiting Bob. I stopped by and introduced myself and told him how much I had been influenced by his 32 3 window. I came home and found my scrap book from the 60’s and found his famous car. Bruce Meyer restored the original car and Doyle built a clone…both beautiful with the signature chop. Thanks for the memories.

Stay tooned!



Here is shot of a neat 5 window at the HRR. I don’t know where they are coming from but I like them a lot.


Here is the dash out of Andre. Radio hole had been enlarged and needed repaired. Not a big job but time consuming.


You can see the opening has been modified for some aftermarket radio. This is quite common in a 40. I was going to fill the entire hole but decided to use a block off plate in case I want to do a Bedford modification.


I have welded in the patch and now I will metal finish prior to priming. The dash will be Briarwood Brown as original.


I have been checking with companies to have the standard gauge panel redone. The least expensive is $1200 by Redline. I will have to continue to look as I cannot afford their work. Here is one done at home. Not bad.


Charlie has maintained this Phaeton for many years. The car now has a new home. I love these cars.


Rear view looks Regal with its red wheels and beige paint.


Pair of Bruce’s Rod Shop Deuces at Father’s Day. He does exceptional work on Deuces or anything you bring him.


Doyle’s classic 3 window as shown in Rod & Custom in 1963. Yes, I have all the old books to help me remember the cars.

Today’s ride…dreaming


This hemi powered hiboy from Oregon was at the HRR a few years back. I wonder if he made it this year?

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