Monday’s Weekend Update

The Hot Rod Revolution was held this past weekend and several of you sent in some photos. Flatheads rule at this event. Vern, Keith and Ryan plus many others put on a great show in very hot weather. Attendance was the largest so far and the cars were the best. I don’ know where all those flatheads come from but there seems to be no end to the popularity of these engines.

Speaking of flatheads, I worked all day on mine yesterday. I can’t seem to find a way to turn over the motor so I decided to take the heads and manifold off and see what it looked like. The owner told me he had rebuilt the motor some 40 years ago and never turned it over. Once apart the engine was as represented. The cylinders were still showing the honing process and were clean except for where I had poured oil in the cylinders. The heads were perfect and everything on the top end looks great. The engine was full of oil so I wonder if the bottom end is O.K. I have heard of bearings seizing up when dry but not wet. I will let the next person inspect the bottom end. I have worked on many flatheads and had forgotten how easy they are to disassemble. Later blocks (49-53) have bolts rather than studs to hold on the heads. The heads just fall off with a light tap. I can remember my day turning the engine over with the starter to pop the heads. I am tempted to put this one away for a later project but I know I will never live that long so it must go. I am out of room for parts.

If it wouldn’t have been for Detroit and Minnesota I would have had a good day. Detroit finally won one.

Lets look at some pictures…

Stay tooned!



Poster for the event. I want one for my garage.


Rare heads and distributor on this flathead. I could not have afforded the 16 plugs in those days. The distributor is off a Nash.


Cute 29 Track roadster with I think an Ecotech banger. 200 hp in stock form. Lots of crafty ideas on this car. QC rear tomorrow.


This is me. A stock 34 hiboy with red wires. What more do I want.


Rear view with cut down apron and 37 lights. I don’t know anything else about this one but it looks nice.


Here is the picture takers car. Fresh 37 woody.


George is the other photographer and this is his flathead powered Deuce with General Jumbo’s. Watch for an update on his SD.


Here are the boys together at the HRR. Temperatures were in the triple digits and no A/C in these beauties. I love it.


I have not stopped admiring these 39 convertible sedans. Currently on ebay.

Today’s rides….dreaming.


John sent me this photo of 5 in a row. The black one would have been the rich kid in school and of course the basketball/football star. He would always have the prime parking space at the dance or drive in. Yeakly was his name.

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