Monday’s Weekend Update

If you watch the news you know that Southern California is very hot and on fire. I ventured out to CCC summer car show on Saturday and it was over 105 degrees in the valley. Some of the Orange County roadsters made the trip despite the heat. Jim is such a good host that I attend every event he has. I stayed for a short time, had lunch and headed home to the pool. Old age and heat do not go together. Sunday was not much better so I stayed in town and went to the office to see what was the plan for the day. Jeff showed up with his new long time building project a beautiful red 40 Ford tudor sedan. This is a very nice car with all the trimmings. He opened the hood and the office cleared out to see the very detailed Hemi engine. Nice job Jeff.

Bob called and told me he and Bill purchased a very nice 37 Ford Cabriolet. He sent some pictures along and I will pass them on to you. The price is $50K for the rust free example of one of Henry’s finest.

The week is going to be hot. I need to think about including A/C in the delivery. Now is the time to install the unit even if you don’t hook it up. Maybe just open the cowl vent like the old days…




CCC summer car show booths. Good deals were available even though it was over 100 degrees in the shade.


California Roadsters from Orange County showed up. Nice cars and people who love roadsters.


Chet’s Hi-tech 33 has been done for a while but still looks great. He drives it regularly. I first meet Chet and Ruby when he was driving a red 40 Ford sedan delivery. Good taste.


I don’t know the owner but he is always at the CCC shows. Steve’s in Portland built the car from one of the Real Steel bodies. Nice job.


New roadster was driven to P-Town and is very detailed car. I like the classic design and the beautiful interior.


Gabe did the interior in a dark brown with matching square weave. This color would look good in my delivery or roadster. The seat looked very comfortable to me.


Jim’s always bright Deuce was looking good. Brizio frame and Cypress Auto Body paint this is a true driver and well maintained vehicle. Jim has a nice Thelan built Woody also.


Rear view showing big and littles. Bop Top looks good on this car and was needed yesterday.


Office on Sunday. Jeff brought over his new 40 sedan for all of us to enjoy.


Side profile of the sedan. Halibrand wheels, flames, hemi, and bright red. Hot Rod for sure.


Super detailed engine compartment. Dual quad hemi sounds as good as it looks.


Front end view showing flames by local artist. The flow is perfect.


Bob and Bill have a nice 37 Cabriolet for sale. Well know Southern California car. $50K.

Today’s ride…dreaming…not for George.


George is moving right along on his SD. Looks good as a hiboy…FTF. General Jumbo wheels are rare items. Will the flathead handle the A/C compressor?


The quick change is peeking out from under the rear. Once the tank is installed you will barley see it.

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