Monday’s Weekend Update

The big one in P-Town is over and the word is that is was very, very hot over the weekend. Lots of cars, stars and normal people attended the show at the fairgrounds. I am sorry I missed it but there are lots of pictures on JJ so have a look. I spent the weekend taking the rear wood out of the delivery. The job is still not completed. The wood is tongue and groove with lots of screws. Most of it is good but I will replace and repaint the steel strips. I am going to keep it a commercial vehicle and I like all the commercial stuff. This car has never been apart so bolts need a lot of WD40 prior to removing. This is fun!

My son and his wife just returned from Australia and had a wonderful time. I receive information from people in Australia all the time and I can tell you Hot Rodding is alive and well down under. Thanks for the information. This Hot Rod sickness is far reaching but not as dangerous as the Swine flu.

Tim sent in his new/old project a 1957 Chevy, FI, stick shift beauty. This will be the one to watch as he builds a very nice car.

I don’t have any new pictures to show you so I will feature some older ones that I have taken over the years. The Outriders Picnic is the next big show for me. So….

Stay Tooned!



This old girl is still around and shows up at various events. I drool every time I see it. Nothing special but is the real deal with a strong flatty.


A Frantic Fred special, Geroge’s 40 coupe is rarely seen but it one of the nicest in the Valley.


Here is Tim’s new/old project. He has owned this car off and on and now is redoing it again. Very rare Chevy.


Stick shift on column. Nice interior in black and silver.


Worth more than their weight in gold the FI is most sought after by collectors. Bill sold his for $12K. WOW!


Here are some of last year’s Outriders cars. Nice 32 five window coupe. I stood around this one a long time. Again nothing special but was right on the money in my book. High school days all over again.


If you have been in SO-CAL for over twenty-five years then you have heard of Reed Lillard, a fabulous machinist and welder. This is his old car. Reed passed away many years ago but his car shows up every year. He also owned a 33 sedan delivery that was his project when he died.


My favorite sedan with a hemi. This one has the look and sound I like.


I wonder if Bruce still has this beauty tucked away in his speed shop behind Boyd’s old place on Monroe?


Here is Stewart’s sano interior. I hope mine turns out this good. I think he is driving his SD now.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Top notch 33 three window coupe. Straight and detailed.


Rear view of coupe

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