Monday’s Weekend Update

Great weekend, beautiful weather and lots of car events to attend. Saturday night was the Fuddruckers Cruise in Thousand Oaks. Lots of cars, people and food. You need to be there by 5:00 pm to secure a spot. This is the second week and more people will start coming as the news spreads. Some of our lunch bunch were in attendance and a good time was had by all.

I did not accomplish much work on the car projects but did a lot of dreaming about a sedan delivery I located. The car is in town and close to my home. The car will need to be completely redone but is a basket case. I plan to drive it as a finished car I have always wanted. I know, it is a big project for an old man but it is a delivery. Stewart’s pictures of his made me purchase this one…flathead and all. Dual Fenton headers.

George sent a lot of nice pictures of his trip to Colorado that I am happy to receive. He sure had a great time.

Gary also sent some pictures of Tom’s garage in Danville as they thrash for Bonneville. It is late for me so more tomorrow…

Stay tooned.



Thanks to George here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from their Pikes Peak climb. This is breathtaking too me.


A work of art motor mount. Some guys are real artist when it comes to brackets. This one is nice and could mount any engine.


Here is my new (old) sedan delivery. A project for sure. Not the best, not the worst but good enough for me right now.


Lou/Glenn delivery with Hemi. This is the engine for me in my car. I think Lou still has it.


Tom’s garage on Friday’s feature. He is thrashing for B’ville. He IS the man!

Todays ride…dreaming!


1940 Convert waiting for “I hate old cars to add to his collection. See you in P-Town Steve.

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