Monday’s Weekend Update

The Forties Limited of Orange County held their annual show at LaPalma Park on Sunday and as usual was a big success.  The weather was perfect and the cars filled the park.  Jane and I left early in Ruby and arrived about 8:00 AM only to find the park almost filled.  People are attending car shows in record numbers again.  I would estimated about 200 forty Fords and 200 non 40 Fords were in attendance.  The park has numerous trees to keep you shaded all day long.  Walt and Lorraine were already sitting under the trees in our favorite spot.  I quickly wiped off Ruby and started my photo taking.

Driving to the show in a Hot Rod was on my bucket list for this year and I now have two events (LARS also) that I can cross off the list.  Jane helped me repair the starter on Saturday in order to be able to drive to the event which is about 60 miles from our home.  The car ran perfect and started without any hesitation.  Thanks again to Walt and Lorraine for the great day in the Park.  The trip home was bumper to bumper traffic and took twice as long as normal.  Ruby runs real cool even with the A/C on and the temperatures in the 90’s.  The biggest problem I encountered was all the people looking at the car instead of the road.  Ten mile per hour traffic can cause problems with gawkers.  We finally arrived home about 4:30 PM and jumped in the pool to cool off and relax after a wonderful day looking at 1940 Fords. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I would also like to thank those of you who stopped and introduced yourself as a viewer of Pewsplace.Com.  I am glad you like what I do and you are the reason I continue to write my daily blog.  The passion for old Fords is still alive in the Pew household.

Stay Tooned!


We we arrived there was parking available.  The 39/40’s are on the right hand side and the non forties are on the left hand side.

I like to sit up on the lawn watching the cars drive in for registration.  Walt had our spot set up when we arrived.  The red 40 sedan was a nice ride on this perfect Sunday morning.  Most of the sedans at the show were hot rods.

The members park you and we were lucky to be close to the registration and food. The fellow on the right dusted his car all day long.  Ruby was jealous but still received lots of attention.  I was busy taking photos.

Walt drove his freshly painted “Boyd Red” 33 smoothie to the show and Lorraine said it rode like a dream with the Boyd chassis.  The model 40 was one of Boyd’s favorite cars.  He built several like the one you see here.  Walt has a couple more Boyd built cars in his collection.

Bob had one of the several 40 coupes for sale parked directly across from Ruby. This is a super nice coupe with a hot flathead and plenty of eyeball candy for you admirers of the stock look.  Most 0f the coupes for sale were in the upper $40’s – 60K.  I don’t know if any sold but there were several nice ones available.

Seldom see but nice for hauling copies of the TRJ, this 41 panel was striking in black with red wheels and whitewalls.

Here is a photo of the park at about 10:30 AM.  You had to have your hood open to be judged.

I have always liked this coupe that Jim built a few years ago.  The car still looks brand new.  The tan color is different and very classy looking.  The car received an award.

This 40 coupe was for sale and had a lot of lookers during the day.  As Bob sez, “Everybody wants a 40 coupe.”

The members make the trophies which are highly sought after and very unique.  The club is a very family oriented group and have a lot of activities throughout the year. I made a 40 license plate award when I was a member in the 80’s.

Jim had his “Mint Julep” in the show and seems to have held on to this one for a while.  My wife walked me over to this car twice during the show. He can build some award winning 40’s.

Today’s Deuce and Forty combo….Dreaming!

Here is the solution to those of you who live out of state and want to attend the LARS and Forty Ford Day.  Pete from Prescott drove his super sedan towing his Hemi-powered hiboy to LA for a couple of weeks of fun.  More tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Lynn!
    I looked all day trying to find out if you were there, but couldn’t seem to find you. I really wanted to meet you. We brought nine 40’s and our club won the club award. I was so happy for Char, the lady that bought the beige coupe a year ago. She was overwhelmed when she was called as a winner. Char is the only one that drives the car cute, she told Bill her hubby to go get his own.
    Have a great July 4th and be sure to fly your flag.
    Stay Well, Jim (-:

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