Monday’s Weekend Update

The 47th Los Angeles Roadster Show is in the books and it will go down as one of the largest shows ever.  A new location on the fairgrounds provided a great environment for everyone.  The only bad part for us old guys was the walking distance from the swap meet to building four was a very long way.  I spent two full days at the show and did not see all of the cars or swap area.  My friends and I drove Ruby to the show and she sure looked good sitting among all those roadsters. I picked up Andre’s new rear bumper from Neal and I was very pleased to finally locate the correct bumper and brackets.  Thanks Steve for giving me the lead.

We always spend at least one evening in the Sheraton Fairplex to see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones.  I talked to Roy Reed who had my 34 Ford sedan delivery for 18 years.  I also took my good friend Larry from Detroit along with me and introduced him to some of the top builders in the country.  We had a super time and we were both wore out by the day’s end.  Car people are always interesting to talk to and listen to their tales of yesterday and today.

The quality of the cars continue to raise the bar higher and higher.  I saw cars that were really first class and were driven to the show not trailered.  It doesn’t matter to me but I prefer the driven type as I relate to them better.  I fell in love as many times as I did in high school.  Roadsters, coupes, and sedans by the hundreds were in attendance on Saturday.  Next year’s GNRS will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Deuce and the theme will be Driven Deuces.  I can’t wait.

I wore my new Pewsplace T-shirt and had lots of people come up and introduce themselves.  I even had some hot folks from Australia say hello and show me photos of their cars.  Yes, the love of the old Ford exists world wide and the flame is burning is some younger people, which is a good sign.  Thank all of you for stopping and saying hello.The LARS is the most important roadster show in the world and we have the LA Roadster Club to thank for holding this event for our enjoyment.

I want to personally thank all of the LA Roadster Club for your hard work and making this old man and his friends very happy campers.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a photo of the new entrance way to the LARS.  It is the same as the GNRS and is a first class venue.  Lots of trees and shade.

Roadsters were lined up everywhere you looked.  The added space made looking at the cars easy and not crowded.

Warren of Precision Street Rods had his new cabriolet parked in the entrance along with other LA Roadster members.  He just recently acquired this car and has been working hard to have it ready for the show.  Nice job Warren and thanks.

The new vendor area was welcomed by the vendors.  Frantic was located next to the Pizza place just in case he needed some energy.

Bob Drake had his 40 coupe almost ready for assembly.  The car is an accurate reproduction of one of the hobbies most desired models.

You know I spent a lot of time looking at this sedan.  Perfection in execution is all I can say.  The car had a perfect body and a full Kugel chassis.  The interior was very, very nice and done by Fast Ed’s in Gardena.

It is hard to have something new in a Deuce hiboy but this Brookville three window dash panel with a 40 standard dash was truly unique.  The panel had been modified to include a tach and all 12 volt gauges.  I loved it!

Walden had one of their own 3 window coupes in their booth.  The metalwork is amazing.  I would like this one in my garage.

An early morning photo of the various types of roadsters staking their ground for the day.  The show is not a driving event.

Today’s Roadster…..Dreaming!

One of my favorites was Bob’s Brizio built hiboy.  He just recently added the Firestone logos.  The top is perfect.

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