Monday’s Weekend Update

The weekend was filled with car show activities all over the LA area and the Central Coast. I spent Saturday morning at the Town Center looking at some really neat cars and talking to owners about their builds.  I find the guy who struggled through the building process the most interesting to interview.  If you have been to paint and upholstery jail you can appreciate the time your car spent in each facility completing the build.  One particular 31 hiboy roadster spent the better part of a year in the paint and body shop to make the car ready for a laser straight black paint job.  The owner expressed his anxiousness during the process but the end result was worth the wait.  Bob O had his 40 coupe at the event and was plagued with a dead battery which was caused by the recent upgrade to a 12 volt system.  It seems the regulator was not working properly and the battery went dead.  Hot rods are really challenging sometimes.  The problem was diagnosed as an incorrect installation of the regulator and generator wiring.  I will cover this problem later on this week.

Sunday started off great and our gang arrived at CCC early and secured some great parking spots on the main street.  The day went by quickly and after too much lunch we all headed to our cars.  I must be a jinx because Jim’s beautiful 34 phaeton wouldn’t start and had to be flat-bedded home.  The culprit this time was thought to be the module in the distributor.  I now am worried about going anywhere with anyone as they may have trouble starting their hot rod.  Walt has had the problem as well as Bob O and Jim so I hope this is the last time.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and have been treating Ruby really nice.  Thanks to NSRA and CCC for a great Sunday.

Steve was busy all weekend also and took some great photos of their activities in the Central Coast area of California.  I must admit the scenery was magnificent and I hear they have great wine in the area.  Don’t tell my wife.

Small groups of hot rods on the back roads really excites these old bones and maybe next year I will head up to the Central Coast and join in the activities.

Stay Tooned!


Here is our gang parked in the “Red Zone” with police approval.

The phaeton had a problem with starting and had to call AAA.  I did not have anything to do with the problem.  That is Walt’s 37 parked next to the phaeton so it couldn’t have been Ruby that had the curse.

We headed over to the CCC office and took a peek inside at Jim’s vast array of merchandise he has for sale.  Talk radio is live each year and Kaplan does a magnificent job of keeping you informed.

Robert had his 3 window coupe with a chopped top and red interior.  He shows up at most events in the Valley.

The front lawn is packed with high end cars and this B&E Willys was looking to take on all comers.

If you like 40 pickups this one could be yours for $45K.  I think this truck was built by Jim a few years ago.  The truck was very, very nice.

Jeff had his hemi powered 40 standard parked next to the food area.  I really like the black hiboy parked next to him as this is the perfect pair.

I see this 40 coupe at most events in the valley but have never talked to the owner.  Note bumper and hood striping.

Frantic has his hand in all of these cars.  Steve’s 37 is the first car Fred built in his new shop.  Buggy springs front and rear have served him well for over 25 years.

Yes, that famous team of Eastwood & Barakat have purchased the original chassis and our building another clone of the original.  See the HAMB.

Today’s road trip….dreaming!

Steve is driving his flamed 40 sedan and shooting pictures of the long gray line.  I would pull over if I saw this line up coming toward me.  More tomorrow!

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