Monday’s Weekend Update

I think this day will go down in World history as the day America served justice on the man who declared war on Americans.  I normally don’t talk about other topics, but this message should be spread throughout the world that American’s can come together and are not afraid of any challenge presented to them.  We owe a great deal of thanks to our men and women of the armed forces who risked their life’s to protect us.  Thank You!

The weekend was filled with several car events and warm and windy weather.  Sandy sent in some nice photos from Seal Beach and Steve took some great shots of the cars at Bakersfield.  Thanks to both of you for providing the photos for all of us to share.  I spent the weekend helping the wife do lawn work and watching golf.  I did manage to pickup my valve covers from P&J and they came out nice.  I am moving at a snails pace but at least I am up and moving.

This morning I stopped by the “Office” on my way to J&P and Bob came roaring in his red model A coupe with the SHO, DOHC V-6 motor.  Bob has owned this car for many years but doesn’t drive it very much.  I have been pushing him to get it running, drive it around town and see what fun he has been missing all these years.  I bought him coffee for his efforts.  Driving them is what makes all your effort and money spent seem worthwhile.  Way to go Bob.

We will be heading to the Bay Area for Mother’s Day and seeing our children.  I will also be able to attend Brizio’s Shop Party which is always a must attend event for me.

Stay Tooned!


Stripping powder coating from the valve covers was really a big job for me.  This photo is after two coats of Aircraft stripper.

After two more coats and pressure washing I called P&J and Steve said bring them to him.  It took him two days in his tank to remove all the red paint.

The final result of the 84 Corvette valve covers looked like this.  The finish will hold up and last for many years.  I will add the black breathers and a Pewsplace decal in the circle.

The covers really stands out against the black intake manifold.  I am still stripping the block for its final black paint.  I am slow on this process.

Here are two legends of Pasadena holding down the chair space on the Seal Beach Main Street.  Bumper Iron Bob (on the left) is talking to P-Wood about his recreation of his famous Hot Rod Cover car sedan.  I can’t wait for the update on the HAMB.

Sid Shavers, Brizio built hiboy, now in LA was looking good at the Seal Beach show.  The interior is one of Sids greatest efforts to make you feel you were in a Jaguar.

I don’t know this Deuce but the spectator is looking real hard at the engine and his wife is wondering… “what is he looking at?”

Bob and Sandy have a clone of this one for sale but she liked hers better.  As you know, I love maroon coupes and this one was very nice and only $50K.

This is another profile of the convertible sedan that FJ built.  I show this one a lot as it is one of my favorites.  I can have more than one can’t I?

Today’s 3 window…..Dreaming!

Steve has good taste in cars and I really liked the look of this Deuce 3 window.  I want a louvered trunk lid but I don’t want to paint, sand and rub it out.  See more tomorrow.

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