Monday’s Weekend Update

The past weekend was certainly a man’s paradise.  The final four, golf, tennis and the Country Music Academy Awards keep me going all day and night.  I am looking forward to tonight’s game and rooting for Butler.  I also heard from several people that GG’s had a great turnout and good weather.  Some weekends are just perfect.  I stayed home and painted the manifold for Lucy.  I also cleaned Andre’s chrome garnish moldings.  I will have them stripped but I didn’t want them to rust while I am not working on the car.  Jane put them in a large ZIP Lock bag and they should be good for another 6 months.

I am not sure what I will do this week but I hope to finish the engine for Lucy which is dragging out far too long.  It seems other things take priority and I become distracted.   I have the engine almost ready for paint and this week promises to be nice so I really don’t have an excuse.

Stay Tooned!


The gentleman on the right is Tom “Stroker McGurk” Medley who just turned 91 years old and was celebrating with his friends.  Steve was the camera man it looks like a good Mexican lunch restaurant in Burbank.

I stopped by Bob’s on saturday and he was working on the roadster.  The wiring is almost complete and the car is coming along nicely.

He selected the Quad gauges and wired them to a terminal glued to the dash.  The harness on the firewall connects to the terminal and the wires are labeled for an easy hook up.

Bob liked the white face gauges in Ruby and purchased the same for his roadster.

The seat riser has a cigar lighter for the Ipod, Iphone or cigar which is connected via a fuse to the cut off switch which is also fused.

Andre has all chrome interior moldings and windwings that were plated 30 years ago and are still in great shape.  I will leave these pieces plated and finish the assembly when the car is painted.

The previous owner had drilled out the rivets and had the hinges plated.  I need to re-rivet them back together, install glass and rubber.

I have new Drake handles to install and then they will work like they should.  Lots of work to put these little pieces together.

I polished up the front window moldings and put them in the bag for safe, dry and temporary storage.

My manifold was bright red and I am not a red color man so I sanded it with 320 and resprayed it black.  This is the old style Edelbrock with the oil fill tube hole in the front.  You cannot use a large HEI with this manifold as it hits the plenum chamber.  I don’t know about the 4 holes versus the two oblong holes but I am sure someone will let me know what carb I need to install on this manifold.  Bob had a 1406 Edelbrock on it when he used it.

Ruby has all black components and I like the look.  I took Ron’s advice and used Dupli-Color engine high gloss black paint.  The shine is awesome.

Today’s 40 coupes…dreaming!

The first one is a beautiful Mandarin Maroon Deluxe with SBC, auto, axle and new Coker WW’s.  $40K

The second one is an all stock black beauty with a dropped axle and 12 volt electrical system.  The car has super nice paint and no rust issues.  $40K

If you have an interest in either of these two cars let me know and I will put you in touch with the owners.  Pewsplace doesn’t charge for listing cars.

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