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Happy New Year


I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday and are ready to start the decade with enthusiasm and positive thinking about our wonderful hobby….Hot Rods and old cars.  I know some folks are worried about the future of our cars in our state but I think we will survive if we continue to believe in our leaders.  I just returned from the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena and despite the rain thousands of people were in attendance.  If we show this same loyalty to our hobby we will prevail.  I was more encouraged by the Warner Bros. Float that featured a 32 hiboy on the nose of the float.  The Deuce will never be replaced as the car that most represents the Hot Rod Movement in American.

As we head into the new year I will try to feature traditional cars and events plus a few that may reflect my mood at the time.  I am focusing on the model 40 Fords (33/34) this year as I think they are too neglected by the magazines and writers.  I don’t think SO-CAL even offers a 1934 Ford chassis in their catalog.  I tried to talk Thacker into having them build one and I would purchased number one.  That offer still goes as I am searching for a tudor sedan to replace Lucy, my 33 roadster.  I have always used original frames for a number of reasons but they are real hard to find in good shape.  Like a 40 Ford chassis you can purchase a new one, which is much stronger, for almost the same price as converting an old one.  I have a title so I am thinking about a new chassis that is basically ready to bolt the body to.  I hope the DMV doesn’t read Pewsplace.

January brings me to a real old age, 70 big ones, and I am greatfull to still be in love with old Fords.  The GNRS is also at the end of this month and promises to bring pleasure to all of us car folks.  A good friend of mine is in charge of selecting and placing 80 Deuces for the Deuce is 70 celebration in 2012.  If you attended the 75th celebration at the GNRS you won’t want to miss next year’s big event.  Bob is in need of some nice original restored Deuces to complete the display.  He is looking for people who would want to display their stocker at the show.  He needs the following vehicles: Victoria, 3 window, 5 window and sedan delivery to complete the display.  If you have an interest in providing your vehicle please let me know in the comment section below.  Comments are never shown on the site but I can see them.

I look forward to bringing you some updates on my projects and any new dreams I have.

Happy New Year!

Stay Tooned!


Warner Bros Studios had their 100 year celebration float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena and I loved it.  This is definitely Southern California.

Bob’s Big Boy is included in the display to make Bob-O happy.  He has been a regular since they opened.

Gary in Minnesota has a nice collection of old Fords.  He has the same taste as I do and keeps them looking stock with modern drivelines.  This 34 is a classic sedan that really belongs in my garage.

His 40 coupe is right on the money with Tacoma Cream wheels and white walls.  It looks like a stocker but is all hot rod under that beautiful black paint.  Look out Bob-O.

Gary purchased this Dearborn winner in Laguna and rebuilt the mechanicals for safe driving to the events.  I know I like the CMG convert better than most.

Here is shot of the fleet ready to be selected to be driven today.  I think this would be a hard choice in my household.  These cars represent some of Henry’s best designs in my opinion.

Gary and Gene parked in the primo spot for 40 Fords at a recent Early V8 Club event.  My convert had skirts installed when I purchased it and was lowered in the rear a whole bunch.  I presume the boat is wooden.

Back to the basics this 3 window is certainly welcome in my neighborhood.  Flatty powered and hammered makes it one of the “Cool Coupes” of the era.

John sent in his 2011 photo stating that… “this is what a Sedan Delivery was made for”.  I agree.

Today’s Model 40 roadster…..Lucy!

Jane and I rolled “Lucy” out the rear garage door and put away the Christmas decorations.  She needs a new home but I still love her and keep her clean and warm.

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    Sorry SBC with auto is what the car was set up to run. Flathead with a Tremec 5 speed works also. $20K without Chevy.

  2. Happy New Year Lynn…..I would have an interest in showing my 3-window coupe at the 2012 GNRS……Thanks, Andy Romo

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