Monday’s Weekend Update

Winter is here. Southern California is cold and very wet with winds blowing and howling. I had no choice but to work inside on Andre and watch the football games. Yes, football is a big part of my life and both College and Pro games were really worth watching this weekend. Alabama and Texas showed their stuff to the world. Good going. The biggest surprise was the Raiders beating Pittsburgh. Al must be sleeping in today.

I mentioned in a previous post that I redone the dash and sent off the instrument cluster for a rebuild and conversion to 12 volt. The next item for restoration is the steering column and wheel. Andre has set outside for a long time so the wheel is rusted to the shaft. I have a wheel puller hooked to the wheel but it still wouldn’t come off. I soaked it overnight in penetrating oil so I am hoping to remove it today. I need to redo the lock mechanism and column. I will give you a breakdown of repairing the lock cylinders as they are quite tricky to do. I am using a 525 steering gear so the column will need to be shortened and have a double D milled in the shaft. Donnie makes a neat little bronze bushing for the end to hold the shaft steady.

I also was able to disassemble the grille section. The 40 grille is certainly one of the most beautiful IMHO. The unit is well engineered and my hat is off the Mr. Drake for providing an excellent reproduction. I must now take the vents for media blasting at J&P Deburring.

I need to head to the office for some consultation so …

Stay Tooned!



The wheel is difficult to remove due to sitting outside for so many years. I have a puller attached and have been soaking but the puller bent the bolts. Heat is my next solution.


The grille chin is dented so it will need to be repaired. The rest of the grille is perfect. I have a new Drake grille.


The top hood support plate is riveted to the side vents. These have not be replaced so I will leave them as is. Bead blasting today.


After 10 minutes with a hammer and dolly chin is back to it’s original shape. Some work with my Sunchaser disc will make it


Here is a close up of the rivets. No damage that I can see.


The grille is disassembled and ready for blasting and primer. The original color was Cloud Mist Gray. Nice!


I need to order a window for the roadster. Here is the one Sid offers in his tops. Small opening but good looking.


I also have another deluxe dash in the works. I plan to use this one in my coupe I don’t have.


Since the roadster didn’t sell I have decided to put a motor and transmission in the car. Here is the mock up for the steering, headers and column into the car. All looks good. A early LT1 using an 010 block and 186 heads…350 hp for sure.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Bob has many Deuces but this is the first one I saw that he put together. The top is scratch built and perfect. DuVall windshield and baby hemi. Due to the no primer rule he parks it in the Brizio booth at the roadster show. Shane did a lot of work on this car prior to joining SO-CAL and later on to Holley.

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