Monday’s Weekend Update

The SEMA show is over for another year and all reports indicate it was a great place to be last week. Lots of people and cars. Let’s hope the economy is better next year and they are sold out in March. I have been attending the SEMA show for over 30 years and really missed not attending this year. The show is a long standing gathering place for Hot Rodders. I can remember meeting at “Hooker” bar in the Hilton each evening of the show to see old friends and meet new ones. I did the show as a dealer before GM got interested in sponsoring the big GM display in the 90’s. Chevrolet, Buick and Olds all had a separate booth but it wasn’t until we promoted a gearhead to President that we did the big event.

New concepts are introduced at this show for all to see and think about in the coming years. GM did a lot with aftermarket suppliers to enhance our marketing with the performance industry. The show is one of my favorite to attend and we took about 300 salesman every year for a commercial show and party. I miss that.

An old SEMA friend and customer of mine, built a very nice Deuce sedan in the 80’s. The car was chopped by Steve Davis “The Best”, chassis by Eastwood, and finish metal work by Scott Knight another genius in metal shaping. The car ran as a hiboy for a while then was converted to full steel fenders and upgraded to an all aluminum blown Donavan small block. Narod painted it Regency Red (maroon) and drove the wheels off it. I have not seen it for many years but it is now for sale again. This car is old but has a perfect body and chop with no patch panels ever. Ron purchased the car from Jake and put it together using the best in the business. I have a friend who is interested in purchasing this car. I don’t have any pictures but will try to get some soon.

I know I am getting old as I recall all of these old cars in the early years of my hot rod career. I think looking back is what keeps me going. I remember the great cars and people who owned them from my first years in Southern California. I never knew it could be so good to live in California. Cars are popular everywhere but the history of SO-CAL is the best for me. Top builders and racers who built my kind of cars….TRADITIONAL.

Lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!


Some cars of the past.


Boyds hi tech 33 for Jamie. One of the best of the smoothie era. Boyd purchased it back and painted it black.


Boyds 32 wagon for Don Smith of TX. I drove this baby for a couple of weeks and Walt purchased it. Very tight quarters but very nice. The car had a Brizio frame with dropped axle. Yes!


Another metal magician was Terry Hegman from MI. This was his 3 window with no bondo.


The roadster was not finished at St. Paul that year but he later moved to CA and went to work for Boyd and then himself. He is one of the best and probably has the best eye in the business. Super talent. Both of his cars still exists out here. I saw his roadster at Burbank a couple of weeks ago.


Vicky’s were popular in the 80’s. Doug from Marshall had one of the best. Jaguar rear ends were popular and this car was equipped with a complete chrome unit.


My son in front of a yellow delivery. I have always liked deliveries. He likes them too. He is now 35 years old. Time does fly.


Another weakness is Deuce phaetons. This is Rodger Bell’s follow up to his roadster. The chopped top was perfect. Car is now in the Northwest. Australian body.


B400’s were rare in the 80’s. They are everywhere now. They are making new ones in a couple of places.


This is in Columbus and George of Gibbon just finished his first glass hiboy. I purchased a body but did not finish it. Wescott makes a much better body but a lot more expensive. That is my ‘skinny buddy Andy” in the background. We both had 34 tudor sedans with Potter trunks like Jim Smiths black beauty.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


This is today’s kit car. A Brookville body, SO-CAL chassis and some primer. The owner added a 327/4 speed, Auburn dash and some 16 inch Lincoln wheels for the look. I love this car.

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