Monday’s Weekend Review

We had a wonderful weekend in LA. The weather was picture perfect and the roadsters were out in force. Several events were taking place up and down the coast. First, the “Trail Along to Pismo” Vintage trailer show was in full swing with over 300 trailers in attendance. This is an annual event and attracts many hot rodders. Steve sent in some photos of these old restored trailers that actually function for their owners. I would love to go next year in Pepe. Locally, CCC had a Ford show on Saturday and Dave was in attendance with his tub. NSRA used to have an “NSRA Appreciation Day” during May, but they no longer support the event. Our little town of Simi Valley also had a couple of car shows that I did manage to attend. Due to some back problems, I did not venture to the San Pedro Woody show, which was very well attended and all attendees had a wonderful day at the beach. All in all, the cars were out enjoying what we do best in LA…driving our Hot Rods.

I have been busy with therapy and working on Andre when I can. I have him almost ready to be shipped to a his new home in TN. The new owner and I have similar backgrounds with GM and share the same passion for Hot Rods. Locating a shipper proved to be a challenge since Andre doesn’t run. Thanks to the HAMB for the assistance in finding the right transporter. If you car doesn’t steer of roll you will have a hard time finding a qualified transporter. Andre does both, so all you need is a winch or some strong friends with good backs. I also am packing the hood, fenders, and miscellaneous parts which is very time consuming since I am doing an inventory just as you do when you move. This sheet protects all parties involved, the transporter, seller and the buyer. I personally have never lost anything but it is better to be safe than sorry.

This week will be busy getting ready for the LARS event. Have you made your plans to attend this year?

Stay Tooned!


The GM “Future Liner” is one of 12 built by GM. I have never seen one except on the BJ show.

My friend Steve was in attendance with his Nomad and restored 57 Boles Aero trailer. He is a true Vintage trailer guy.

Not to be outdone, this 56 Nomad and matching Shasta trailer looked sharp and must be a wonderful site seeing this one driving down the Coast highway.

Randy had some his creations at the show. He is a master metal shaper.

The Deco Liner is truly a rolling billboard showcase of his talents. Can you imagine the amount of hours involved in building this vehicle.

Here is a nice traveling pair. Note the luggage rack on the Mercury Woody along with the fender skirts.

The roadster boys all drove to the campground to see the Vintage trailers. How did the coupe get in this photo? Must have been hot and the A/C was not working in the roadster.

Pepe’s older brother was in attendance at CCC. He has air ride on the front which really puts in on the ground. I need to install my bumper.

I have not seen this chopped 46 long door coupe previously but I like it. Can you imagine this one in high school? We would have removed the hood ornament but today they are preserved. Did you know some early 46’s were built without a hood ornament?

Frank drove his 39 convert to the CCC show. He is selling this one as he has found something new he wants. This is one of my favorite models and color.

A nice 40 rag was for sale at the show. This one has been around a long time and usually shows up at CCC.

Weekend Favorites!

My daughter had a great weekend and has a new house in the Bay area. Now that she is a beach person she needs a “Woody Wagon” for her weekends at the beach. She loves the 46-48 woodies, as do I.

My wife thinks we need another convertible to drive up to her new “Beach House”. I don’t think Alan will part with his Lucy.

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  5. The GM Future Liner drove in, and was fully restored. Randy drove his Deco Liner around from the top driving area (flying bridge), he had to watch for low tree limbs.

  6. Is the Parade of Progress “thing” a flatbed, or in restoration mode? just wondering, love to see more pictures of that one, did it run?

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