Monday’s Weekend Recap

We were blessed with outstanding weather this weekend and the turnout for the SO-CAL Woodie Club “October Wood” was excellent with 125 Woodies attending. Jane and I arrived around 8:00 am and parked next to Walt and Lorraine who has just pulled in from their long journey. They drove in from Kernville which is in the mountains and Dana Point is on thePacific Ocean which makes a really nice change of landscape, all in one day. The Laguna Cliffs Marriott is a beautiful venue sitting high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific. The grassy knoll provides parking for the magnificent woodies. The Marriott offers a super morning brunch and luncheon which makes a wonderful day and the wife doesn’t have to cook. Our group relaxed in the sunny 85 degree weather and enjoyed talking with other woody owners. Thanks to the sponsors and vendors who make this event one of the best in my mind.

The last woody function the year is the Malibu Christmas Parade which is always a great day for woodies also. The new year will bring a special event at the GNRS which will feature 80 woodies in building 4. As you may recall, last year building 4 featured 80 deuces, so now the woody louvers will have an opportunity to see the woody wagons in one place. I love it.

I hope to bring my new engine home this week and then I can really start to work on Andre.

Stay Tooned!


The first car you see when you arrive at the Marriott is this beautiful hot rod 40 woody. If you were a first time guest at this hotel and a woody lover then this would be the hotel for you.

The front row has the advantage of sitting in front of the band and a unobstructed view of the ocean. The resort in the background has ocean views from every room.

This USC crowd were enjoying a true tailgate party. They call their woody “Betsy” and were really enjoying the music and USC’s win over Washington.

Here is the view from the hotel deck. Not to shabby for a Sunday brunch outing.

Green is a popular color for the 46-48 Ford woody. This hot rod version has a perfect stance.

I have been looking at a lot of woodies in the past few weeks and most of them had wood like this but not finished. I could live with this patina wood as it has been varnished and sanded. Beauty marks is what I call them. I don’t like the look of new wood mixed with old wood.

This fellow never moved all day but I saw him early on hitting the Bloody Mary mix pretty heavy.

Jeff was parked next to me in his Thelan built 46 woody. The car was built in the 80’s and still looks fresh.

The whitewalls looked good on the 33 woody. I had not seen this one before today. A very nice car!

This 40 wagon was parked next to us and was for sale. The car came from Florida and was really bright red which is unusal on a woody today. The price was $125K. I don’t know if it sold but he had a lot of lookers including me.

Walt needed gas and this was the cheapest on the corner. Premium engines require the good stuff. A good rule of thumb is to fill up in the cheap part of town not the high roller end. Oh well, it’s only money.

Today’s Woody!

I seem to like the Maize Yellow color on the 46-8 woodies. This one was fresh and flawless. Note the rare sunvisor.

The car had the drip rails and sunvisor attached. I am sure this help when driving down PCH on the way to the event. Note the varnish on the wood.

A rear view photo shows the spare tire cover and dual tail ligths. I like all the stock stuff except the flathead although the Columbia makes is a freeway driver.

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