Monday’s Weekend Recap

The weekend was filled with great weather and plenty of cars. I started out Saturday for the Town Center car show which was mostly late models and muscle cars but nevertheless a nice event. I only stayed for a few moments as I am not into muscle cars at this time. Sunday was the California Car Cover NSRA Appreciation day that is always a good show. I arrived early and watched the cars drive in. Sunshine makes car owners smile. I walked as much as I could, had lunch and headed back to watch the Lakers win game 7. Now for Denver.

As I grow older, I have noticed the car events have fewer and fewer traditional cars in attendance. Maybe the owners are two tired or just don’t feel good enough to bring out the old roadster. I actually like all cars, stock or modified, that show up at these events. I have limited knowledge about some of them but the owner is always helpful in telling you about his car. The mind is a wonderful piece of equipment and must not be left in idle for vary long. I try to go to everything I can and learn from each event. Cars are a big part of my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend shows wherever I can.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Early morning a t CCC. They have a radio show each year that is broadcast from the front door. The store is open and full of deals thanks to Jim.


Chuck’s super 47 convert. Frantic Fred built the car but Chuck painted it in his garage. Nice job.


Rear shot showing nice stance with white walls and red wheels.


Dove gray 40 coupe that is always in attendance. I picture myself driving this one as a daily driver.


Front view of the 40. Stance makes a 40 or breaks it. This one is right on.


Very prewar roadster with a flat motor. He has been everywhere lately.


I am learning to look at some non Fords. This 57 wagon could replace my sedan delivery desire. Very straight.


A new one with a moon tank, flames and white wall tires.


Bruce didn’t bring a hot rod but did manage to drive a very special Gull Wing with matching luggage. I am sure he has trouble deciding what to drive. He always drives a car to the events and is a big participant.


The perfect interior for this car. Real leather and fresh.


Chris had his new 51 Woody with birdseye maple body. This matches his 47 tudor. More on this car Friday. Very nice.


Jim had his Deuce on the front lawn. I have never seen him drive this one. He also has a collection of cars.


This little red 3 window was and older build. Note Mustang steering. I don’t know how they keep finding these cars but they show up all the time.


Sam was in attendance with his old time 5 window. Scott did the top 2 1/2 inches.

Today’s ride….Dreaming


Walt came in his 57 Buick. Now this is a wagon to love and ride in. Maybe some of these late model cars are O.K….My garage won’t accommodate this size car. The 48 just fit with a notch in the door.

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