Monday’s Weekend Recap

Walt called on Saturday and reminded me of the Early Times run on Sunday. We had company on Saturday so I didn’t think I would make it. The weather was very shaky Sunday morning so I called Walt and he was headed to Richard Graves place in Long Beach. I told the wife I was going to go and headed toward the ocean. Dark all the way but no rain. I somehow missed the turn (GPS takes too much time) so I called and the group waited for me at Old Speed Hot Rods in Torrance. The day was just beginning and after taking a few photos we headed for Lynn Williams place in Pomona. Everything is in Pomona. I was now following Walt in his Boyd built 37 cabriolet. He was rolling about 80mph and all of a sudden he headed for the off ramp on the 91 freeway. My cell phone rang and Gary his co pilot said they were loosing power and were getting off. I followed and the car came to an abrupt stop right on the off ramp. Luckily they were able to push the car into a Mexican restaurant. A quick diagnosis indicated that the wire had fallen loose from the alternator and caused the battery to fail. The motor is a TPI unit that I had sold Boyd from my dealership in the 80’s. Walt forgot to bring any tools so we called AAA and had a good Mexican lunch.

The tow truck came and the fellow did an excellent job of loading this expensive car. The driver only had room for one passenger so I offered to take Gary home. Gary has a very nice garage with some very nice Deuces and a beautiful 34 Vicky. I will show you his cars and garage on Friday.

The only pictures I was able to take were of the Old Speed Hot Rod shop. This shop is very neat, clean and seemed to be very busy. There were only 2 Deuces in the shop but I am sure more were scheduled. All shops have at least two Deuces being built.

Here are some photos.

Stay Tooned!



Old Speed Hot Rods was the second stop on the tour. The shop was very well organized and had lots of work. Feature of the shops specialty car, a 27 RPU, was recently featured in Street Rodder Magazine. Top notch craftsmanship in a well equipped shop.


Here is a overall view of the shop showing tools and lift for building the cars. Most cars were in for installations and or complete builds.


Special V12 engine was being installed in the RPU. Very nice chassis was built on jig in shop.


Unique rear suspension is the standard set up for these cars. Coil over shocks rather than buggy springs. The car should handle and ride excellent with this set up.


Setting in the doorway was this Model A pickup being completed.


Breakdown on the freeway. Tow truck driver and lots of advisers helping him. Beautiful car… disappointed crew. Remember your drag racing days….No AAA then.


Headed home for the repair. Alternator wires came out of plug.


TPI motors take a lot of amperage to keep going. I sold 8 -10 of these motors a month in the late 80’s and 90’s. I even installed these motors in new trucks if you wanted one. Boyd did the conversions and Petee wired them.


Gary’s garage. Friday’s feature.



A member of the lunch bunch grew up in LA in the 40’s and took this picture in 1948. Don has a real nice new 32 but likes the old ones also. This is Walker Morrison’s roadster parked on the street in 1948. Don said the car was the fastest in the city. Thanks Don.


Here is the car at Pebble Beach last year. Jack Stirneman restored the car to perfection. Note subtle changes from the 48 photo.

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