Monday’s Weekend Recap

Southern California was back to normal with lots of sunshine and 80 degree weather. I needed to purchase some steel for a jig I am building so after a stop at the Donut shop I headed to Frantic Fred’s and Industrial Metal. Fred was working on a 51 Ford and had just received the newly powder coated frame and pieces back from the powder coater. The parts were perfect and the job was completed in two days. Now is the time to get things done as most business’s are really slow. Try to bargain for a better deal, especially if you can pay cash. I know of one fellow who saved seventy-five dollars on a sandblasting job. I spent entirely too much time at Fred’s so I called the wife and told her I was coming home to watch football. She was happy.

Sunday was Long Beach Swap Meet day so I decided to go at the last minute. The event was huge with lots of cars for sale and many vendors with treasurers that most of us want to purchase. I saw some good prices and some over the top prices. You just need to know what your limit is because you can find it at the swap meet. For example, one vendor had some real rare Auburn and SW panels complete with the correct gauges for sale. The prices were certainly beyond my reach, but when I returned later in the morning they were gone. Collectors will pay the price for the right stuff. I returned home and started working on my 48 convertible jig.

I have the car for sale and the first prospect wanted to know how he could move it to his garage. The car doesn’t have any suspension, so I designed a jig to roll it on a trailer. Between watching San Diego get killed by Pittsburgh and building the jig the day passed very quickly. Now for the Golden globes….missed them due to falling asleep in my chair…oh well!

Lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!



Toppings “Old School” Hiboy. This car has the look and has some history.


Unger had a nice 46 Ford Woody for sale at a decent price.


Very rare 1938 Ford sedan delivery. The owner was an artist with some nice pictures for sale.


If you brought your savings account and could borrow some money from your friends you could have purchased one of these rare panels.


Here are some of the “Lunch Bunch” on New Years Day. I think it got quite cold before the day was over. Coupes and sedans do have a purpose but only for chickens.


Nice 39 convert with matching Mullins trailer at Dearborn this year. These cars make a nice road car stock or modified.


Another of Lou’s 40 deliveries. Circa 1966….LTI, Flames correct stance and the look of the time. Thanks for the memories.



Here is my friend in “Cold Michigan” working on his son’s Deuce sedan. I will show you more on Friday”s Feature. Lobeck chassis with all the goodies.

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