Monday’s Weekend

The GNRS was a huge success for all parties involved. The exhibitors, vendors and spectators all experienced perfect weather, 600 plus cars, an outdoor car show and the best venue in LA for this type of event. The Pomona Fairplex is also home to the NHRA drag strip and Museum which in itself is a sight to see. I talked to people from all over the world who were in attendance. Congratulations to John Buck and his staff for and outstanding show.

The show consists of several modern buildings with large isles and superior lighting and sound features. The race car building had surround sound that made you feel like you were at the races. I ducked once as I thought a car was coming at me. Another building had Cover Cars and I really liked this display as most of them were traditional styled cars. The main building was number 4 which features the contender’s for the 2010 AMBR. The limit this year was 10 cars and most of them were the multi-million dollar creations designed by an artist rendering and executed by a professional shop. This year there were some very traditional style cars entered in the chase. As expected, the winner was a 33 roadster built by Scott’s Hot Rods. This car was over the top with modifications and glitz required to win the AMBR award. My friends and I watched the judges inspect the car and look for something that might not be perfect. Nope, all was perfect including the display. Scott’s had the winning car in 2008 also. The know how to win the big one. Boyd would have liked this car in the 90’s. No small investment to win the title so my hats off to the owner and builder.

The JJ also selected 10 cars that they considered were deserving of the title. I like the idea of having a second selection for people who are not into the over the top cars. Maybe the show could present a second Traditional AMBR trophy for the best car as voted for by the spectators. What would that hurt…who knows how that would go. I enjoyed the show as presented and look forward to next year.

Congratulations to all participants for entering their cars for the public to view.

Here are some pictures…I have over 200 to post this week, so…

Stay Tooned!



The entrance to the Sheraton Fairplex had a highly restyled Mercury in the foyer. Design by Larry Erickson and owned by the Dynamat Company. Very nicely done custom.


The parking lot at the hotel always has some nice drivers to view. The DD was for sale as are most hiboy roadsters. The car was from TX and was high end.


Deuce Vicky was driven to show and was a real deal Ford with a RH fender mount. George may put one on his SD.


Inside the show the first thing I saw was this amazing black 5 window. Freshly painted by Camilleri Body shop and super straight. I was afraid to ask how much but I was told that if you have to ask you can’t afford it. There were several nice black 5 windows in the show.


Roy Brizio always has the cars I enjoy seeing. He had a washington blue Deuce SD that was outstanding. I have been following the build on his site but had not seen the finished car. Roy’s cars always have the fit and finish so many strive for.


The interior was maroon with woodgraining everywhere. Nice touch. I am not sure but he has been using Juliano’s service for the woodgraining. Juliano had a booth at the show but I did not see Bob.


The rear door is what makes the sedan a delivery. Ford used a sedan body and did the conversion. I am not sure who did this one but is was very nice with metal framing not wood as original.


Our group liked this 34 a lot. Almost cloudmist gray with a slight chop caught our eye every time we passed by. Candy strip interior was different. Mumford influence, maybe. Hot Rods by Dean booth.


Beautiful traditional styled roadster was in contention for the AMBR. Nice detail and built by Squeege’s in Phoenix.

Show favorite…personal!


Mort, from Hop Up had his new roadster pulled into his booth. This car is very traditional and nice. One look and you know this is no ordinary Deuce roadster. Full fendered, Auburn dash and panel, flathead powered, right on top profile, etc. Super job. Yes, that is me smiling and dreaming.

AMBR 2010


Over the top with glitz and detail. 1933 ? Ford roadster built by Scott’s Hot Rods

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