Monday’s Weekend

I know most of you watched a little of the BJ auction in Scottsdale this past weekend. Lots of cars, people and rain. The prices seem very high on Saturday and softer on Sunday. I guess the people who attend this auction are not affected by the slow economic recovery. Maybe cars are a better investment than stocks. The rain and winds did some serious damage as shown all over the internet. I have received several pictures from readers showing the vehicles.

Mike sent in some pictures of his garage which was on the New Year’s Day tour in the Central Coast of California. I don’t think the economy has any problems in that area. You can see more on JJ under New Years Day Cruise. A man’s castle is his garage. Mine is a mess but my wife is sure cleaning it up. Way to go Jane.

This is the GNRS week and starting tomorrow I will have house guests and we will tour all the shops, go to set up day and have a wonderful time. Pomona is full of Hot Rod Shops, SO-CAL, Kennedy Brothers, Walden Speed Shop, Lynn Williams and many more such as TCI. I hope we have time. The week will be exhausting for me but worth it. Let’s see, Leroy’s for breakfast, Joey’s BBQ for lunch and the Pomona Mining Company for dinner….there goes the diet.

I should have lots of great photos and stories to share with you next week, so…

Stay Tooned!



Famous car was on the block and the tent did some serious damage to the Rodders Journal feature car. What a shame.


The New Year’s Day cruise in the Central Coast area of CA stopped by Mike’s garage for a nice tour. This is sure a well constructed place with lots to see and admire. The 36 was really nice.


The lifts make lots of room for additional cars. I will make a stop here on my next road trip up the coast.


Close up of 36 reveals super stance and flawless paint. Are those Mike’s vineyards across the street?


The banger museum was another stop on the cruise. This would be fun for me next year. I could spend the night in the grapes and the next day cruising the garages. The 40 headlight indicates a true classic was on the tour.


I feature Sam’s car a lot because he has captured the look so many are trying to duplicate today. Scott hammered the top just right… 2 1/2 inches not 4 as Sam is a tall Dude.


I am still working on this deal. I need to find a nice stock 40/41 pickup to purchase for the owner. Any leads appreciated.

Todays chassis…George


Here is another approach to installing a QC in a Deuce. P&J rear crossmember and TCI 4 link. George has a new Winters V8 installed now. This was a mock up picture he sent me. Thanks God for Ford Banjo rear ends.

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