Monday’s Weekend

Rain and more rain in Southern California. We need it so I am not complaining. The roof is leaking and I can’t find the leak so the weekend was for buckets and towels. I love the rain.

I have received some nice photos of a super 40 pickup and 39 convert for your viewing, Craig in Downey made a SD rear bumper from 2 front bumpers. If I don’t find one I will try the same thing. His looks great as does his pickup. The 39 is Nicks and was just completed. I am a sucker for this type of restoration. I have seen many of Nicks cars over the years and they are always perfect.

On a different subject I have found a 40 convertible that may come available soon. I will keep you informed. Have a great week and get something done on the Hot Rod…

Stay Tooned!



How could you not like this 40 pickup. The bumper is hand made from two fronts and using a real SD bumper as a pattern. Nice work Craig. The 49 Chevy bumper guard looks correct to me.


Here a better view of the mock up bumper. Note how flat it is in the middle. I want one.


The finished product is beautiful. This truck is almost completed and I can’t wait to see it.


The chop in process. Note back window treatment and the step down to preserve the height…nice.


Nicks’s 39 Mercury in basic black. Rare bird in this form. I love it.


Beautiful grille with excellent fit to the fenders.


Deep red interior and contrasting dash set this one apart from all the rest.


This is the surprise. A Mercury V8 (Chevy) that is done in my style. Bob would really like this one.

Today’s Forty….really.


This is not the one but similar to the one I found over the weekend. Trip tomorrow or Wednesday depending on rain. Black plate, LA history and has not run in 50 years.

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