Monday’s Weekend

The new decade is here and I hope all of you are ready for the challenges that face us in the Hot Rod World. The past decade produced some amazing reproduction bodies that made owning a new hot rod a reality for many. Business’s invested millions of dollars in tooling and engineering costs to help us realize our dreams. The new decade in California may prove to be a challenge for us to purchase, build and register one of these vehicles. SEMA and the DMV have come to an agreement on these special vehicle construction cars and now we the owners of these vehicles must figure out how to do so within the law. I have a lot of questions and can find no one at the DMV that has any knowledge of this new ruling. I have read the SEMA letter over several times and have questions about the following items.

1. Are reproduction frames illegal in California? I know you cannot stamp an old number on a new frame. Can the DMV install a tag on the door post like they do on salvage vehicles? Would this rule apply to all vehicles in which the frame has been replaced?

2. Are reproduction bodies (glass or steel) installed on an original frame illegal?

3. Are all original cars with post 73 engines illegal without smog equipment?

4. Are reproduction cars purchased out of state in the past or future illegal for registration in California?

5. Why is there a vehicle inspection fee on vehicles that have been registered for over 20 years to determine if they are subject to new rules?

I could go on forever, but the above will allow most of us to know where we stand with our cars. I have no concern over a bogus purchase price. Sales tax is due under the law and we must adhere to the law or get it changed. I do have a concern over how come we are looking into hot rod, customs and muscle cars and not all private party transactions that allow buyers and sellers to state what they paid for a vehicle. If the state is looking for money they need to set up vehicle sales stations and have all private party transactions go through them and money exchanges at the time. Side deals will still be made so why not set a standard fee for such transactions based on year model vehicles.

California is and has always been a leader in the automotive industry and aftermarket field. It stands to reason that they would lead the way to change how other states could impose laws to prevent further registering of special construction vehicles without specific rules and regulations regarding the build. I think we need to keep on top of this topic so we don’t all end up with garage queens.

On the brighter side, the Horseless Carriage Club’s annual event over the Holidays was very good. Lots of cars and people to start the new year off right. I have a few pictures for you…

Stay Tooned!


Happy New Year!

Note: New Mac Computer and I am learning I photo. More pictures tomorrow….


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