Monday’s Weekend

For those of you who inquired, I am feeling O.K. and haven’t posted due to my annual trip to the Bay Area for Mother’s Day and the Roy Brizio Shop Party. My wife and I spent a wonderful week in beautiful San Francisco and are now back home and back to work. Roy’s Shop Party was a huge success, lot of roadsters and people. IMHO the LA Roadster Show and Roy’s Shop Party are two events you must attend every year if you like roadsters. Roy is one of the premier Hot Rod builders in business today. He is equally at home talking to people at an event or making a presentation in the boardroom. His list of customers include some really big names in various professions. If I were in that class, Roy would be my first choice to have a car built. All of his cars are built to be driven.

The event is always well attended and Roy provides a great “Super Dog” lunch and garlic bread while waiting in line. The shop produces 30 -35 cars a year and most all are award winners that can be driven coast to coast. This is the place to be on Mother’s Day weekend.

I have lots of pictures from the NHRA Museum cruise last Wednesday to share with you this week along with the Shop Party pictures, so…

Stay Tooned!



My good friend George and his beautifully built 3 window coupe. He and I walked until we could not walk anymore.


Roy in the back lot welcoming everyone. Roy’s customers with their roadsters park in the back. You do not leave until everyone wants to leave. They pack them in this area. Full by 7:00 am.


Roy has a well stocked parts department so give him a call and ask for Dave.


Deuce tudor under construction. Ardun, aluminum block, supercharged, quick change and full fendered beauty. Ardun’s were stacked up like cord wood. These are $60K motors as shown.


A classy looking British racing green Vicky with and Ardun equipped flatty. The car is going to be a Hiboy. Note Indy wheels $$$.


John has a well thought out 27 T track roadster under construction at Roy’s. I think this car used to be at SO-CAL over in the corner. Aluminum work had the Steve Davis trademark on it….Perfection.


The shop floor was full of projects and people. Deuces were plentiful as well as some Chevy pickup trucks. Roy can do it all.


I call this the fitting room. Roy does his finishing in this area. The five window was also equipped with an Ardun.


Dearborn Deuce makes a nice hiboy for those who want room and comfort. Dark blue with maroon interior.


Roy has lots of spares for the next customer. Edlebrock’s 40 front clip and two chopped 5 window bodies. Maybe Vick is thinking about a 5 window.


The ALA Kart was up in the air for everyone to view. The restoration of this famous Barris built car was done by Brizio’s crew.

Today’s ride…Dreaming


A tudor with a super chop. Dennis’s fuel tank was leaking so I hope he made it home.

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