Monday’s Weekend

The storms in the East and West really caused some serious damage and hardships to many. I offer my concern for your safety. We were saved from any serious weather so work continued at Pewsplace. The bad news is that the car still won’t start or pump fuel to the carburetor. I will have to seek some expert help to resolve the problem. The good news is that I think I’m real close to a solution and I think it’s all fuel related. Carb and new pump plus line restriction somewhere along the stainless lines. Oh, the headaches of the Hot Rodder!

The car activity was huge in our area this past weekend. The Havasu Deuce show was a success with a couple hundred Deuces and a couple hundred other years in attendance. Congrats to Joe and Dick for another great show. Lots of photos on FB so I stole a few for your viewing. The Classic Car Show was also held in the LA Convention Center and displayed over 1000 cars of all types and attended by many legends in our sport. This is the show that caused so much controversy last year when it was held the same time as the GNRS due to scheduling problems at the Convention Center. All is well now. The third bug show of interest was the Detroit Autorama which attracts some of the top builders and their cars. The Great 8 can be seen on FB also but I will show you the winner and a few more I liked. As you can see, the new year is off running with some top notch Hot Rods being displayed. I congratulate all those who attended these special shows as that’s what “keeps the flame burning! ”

With no football to watch, I am dedicating my time to work in on my Hot Rods in the garage. Physical activity is good for the arthritis and aches and pains that go with the aging body. Sitting on the couch only increases the symptoms. My typing with the diagnosed carpal tunnel will so stop[ as I’m seeking relief this week from my Doctor. I have voice recognition if I need to use it so we should be able to keep posting the Hot Rods I love.

Stay Tooned!




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Ladies who like Cars

Brad was lucky to have a photo with Jo Coddington and Linda Vaughn at the Classic Auto Show. Both ladies have a car background as does Brad. All are legends in our sport. Linda was my love growing up near Indy. She lives out here now.

Laura is a Corvette lady and car person who is also a show promoter and just your average girl next door.

Our Corvette lady Laura has his and her Corvettes in one of her shows she produces.

Her hubby also is a great photographer and catches her with his 63 Stingray.

Havasu Deuces


Life is good in a Deuce especially when your driving down the highway with your friends.

The line was endless and colorful on the way to Havasu.

I think there were a couple hundred Deuce in attendance. The show has become quite popular with Deuce lovers.

Quite a collection of Deuces in this garage. The love affair continues with many of us older guys.

A great photo from FB of the Deuces ready for the show. The B-400 is a rare piece.

Another great shot of Ken’s three-window.

My friend Bob is building a 34 coupe patterned after this one. He will use a Rat’s Glass body and one of my chassis.

Some photos from Al Liebmann on FB.

I loved this T on display.  I don’t know if it was a Shadow Rod body or a real one.

A show favorite Deuce was this 5-window with a great stance and color choice.

The color makes this Deuce a standout and a show favorite also.

The Ridler Award Winner for 2018

Fantastic 57 Chevrolet is the winner of the Ridler Award for 2018. Congrats to my friend Steve for their work on the car.


The 40 coupe was looking good with tons of money spent on detailing.

Another nice 5-window was on display with some nice touches.

An over the top rare standard sedan delivery was a big hit with spectators.

Probably one of the nicest 57’s in the show and a Great 8 finalist.

A stock hight 5-window was fully decked out with custom display.

A 29 Tub has the look of a true Hot Rod.

Out of the past, this was a true Hot Rod for returning Veterans.

Richard’s Moonglow looking 54 brings back memories of mine. It is being restored.

A nice job on this 35 custom and bags. If that’s a house, I want it.

Black is beautiful and is Red to the Saint Louis boys. Great photo of some great Deuces that are driven.

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