Monday’s Weekend

First of all we can’t invite Oregon State to visit the Rose Bowl anymore. I don’t know why we can’t win with Oregon but we can’t. The 49’s can’t win in Minnesota but the Raiders can beat Pittsburg. As you can tell, I watched too much football this weekend but it is the season and it was very hot in Simi Valley.

I did manage to lower the frame down on the ground in preparation for the engine and transmission installation this week. The wife helped and it was easy but took us a long time but we did not hurt anything. I painted the wheels as the powder coater didn’t have the color I wanted (CMG) for the wheels. I sprayed the DP white primer and will apply the paint when it arrives. I also ordered the body mounting kit from C&G for mounting the body. I did manage to accomplish something on Andre and his was happy.

I couldn’t sleep last night as I have located a 40 Woody of my dreams. No, not the ones at Woodies USA, but a private party owner. I have wanted one of these wagons for several years but always purchased a 46-48 as they were within reach and available. I passed on a 39 woody in the 80’s because it needed all new wood. I think wood in those days was around $8-10K. I also found one when I lived in San Francisco but I had two children in college and a woody wasn’t in the business plan. I think everyone has a dream car they would like to own, even if they have a fleet of hot rods, there is always one that sticks in their dreams. I figure I could finish the car, and will it to my children who could use it on their trips to Napa. Maybe they will buy Jane and I a nice home in the Sonoma Valley. Right?

I am watching the Emmy’s and dreaming of hanging ten. Remember, dreaming is free.

Stay Tooned!


Andre is getting excited. We placed the chassis down on jack stands to mount the wheels and tires. Sounds simple, but when you can’t lift over 10 pounds it becomes a challenge. Thanks to my wife and the cherry picker.

I also worked on the rear fenders. This one is almost primer ready. The stand makes it easy to paint.

The fronts will be off to the blaster in the morning. They have a few dents but not rust after all those years on Andre. I am not a body man but I can knock out dents and do a little straightening.

My backyard paint booth worked well in the early morning and the high afternoon heat acted as an oven. Now for the color.

Frank Brown was working at a Mobil station and driving his “hot” 40 coupe on the street and the local drag strip. I love those rear wheels and tires. He has still has a couple of 40 coupes in his fleet of cars.

I am not sure if he could lift the front wheels on the ground but this was the look of the 60’s in my town.

Gary and his Friday Picnic guys were out for a good time in the mild 50 degree weather in MN. Summer is over Gary. It is time for Hockey. This beauty was purchased in CA and taken back to the land of cars and hockey. It is a stocker and beautiful.

You don’t see 39 sedan deliveries very often as the production numbers were low. I am sure glad they changed the body style in 1940. I chased one of these in the 90’s but wasn’t successful.

I did find some gold today.The door latches on the right are really hard to find. George makes his own and they are perfect. This fellow has it all in multiples. Just in time for Hershey. Bring lots of cash.

Today’s Photo Winner!

On his way to the Early Ford Nationals, Doug stopped for a photo opportunity in this beautiful lake setting in Oregon.

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