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Keeping your mind active is very important as we grow older.  The more knowledge you can gain on a daily basis will improve your ability to always stay young in your thinking.  Growing up I always was taught by my father that learning how something works puts you on top of your game in the engineering world.  My father could always repair anything and taught me to do the same.  I thank him for that piece of wisdom.

Using that advice, I studied the current rage of installing Vintage heaters in your hot rod.  Mr. Bob, gave me a 1940 Ford heater that had been torn apart and not re-assembled for over 20 years, judging by the papers the parts were wrapped in.  I am lucky to have a good friend, Gary, who knows all about these heaters and was able to determine what the heater needed to be made useful again.  In short, if you want it to work, be prepared to spend some money for parts required.  Forty Larry, in the valley has all the parts you need except the radiator cores.  You could spend as much as a new Vintage Air unit cost to repair one of these units.  If you just want the case and install a radio or A/C vents then just purchase a case for your car.  Ebay has a lot of heater for sale that are good for cases.  I prefer the Ford script ones, but many types are available and several companies sell parts, but open your wallet wide….radiator core $150, 12 v motor $90, stainless strips $75 and the list goes on.  I think they look cool but not to use as a heater.  Steve Moal sells a really neat looking heater that is modern and really works great.

Another area that I dove into over the weekend was converting a 40 coupe from 6 volt to 12 volt.  Bob O does not like driving at night with dim lights.  I had a nice diagram supplied to me by Lee Kelly that outlines what you need  for the conversion.  Bob picked up all the parts and the V8 shop and has started the process.  Changes are required for lights, generator, coil, voltage regulator, battery, heater, radio and gauges.  The 6 volt wiring is O.K, as is, provided it is in good shape.  The horn will honk very loud and work as long as you don’t lay on it.  I will full details and photos as we complete the conversion.

I tasked my brain for the weekend and now need to think about my projects this week.

Stay Tooned!


1940 Ford Heater rebuild.

This 40 Ford heater is a Ford script model and this is what you find in old field cars.  This one is complete and unmolested.  The unit was offered for $200 with no takers.  I think it wa

The most important part is the motor (6volt), the squirrel cage and fan if you want it to function.  The radiator is available but pricey ($150).

Here is Mr. Bob’s heater as he received it.  Most parts are in good condition but have been taken apart which is a no -no on the doors and squirrel cage/fan assembly.

Gary supplied a photo of the actual defroster rod and knob.  Mr. Bob is missing this item but it could be made out of and old accelerator linkage.

Here is a correctly restored unit that is painted the correct color from Ford.  Mr. Bob’s is briarwood brown which matches this dash and Girlie’s dash.

My computer is having a problem so I will stop for today and pray for tomorrow.  More on the heater and 6 to 12 volt conversion.

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