Monday’s Weekend

It was a quiet weekend at Pewsplace. Jane and I worked on the house, yard and Andre. Yes, I have began to concentrate on getting the delivery rolling on its own. I have all the suspension pieces in place and with in a couple of more days should have the car rolling on its own. When space is limited you need to be able to move the cars around. You never know when you might want to bring another one home to put in its place.

I attended Long Beach Swap meet on Sunday and it was a beautiful day to go. I walked the entire space, which is a major task for this old body, but I made it. I did not purchase much but looked at a lot of things for sale. I would say the show has turned into a tool swap meet. I have never seen so many used tools for sale, both new and used. I don’t know where they are buying the stuff but new Craftsman and Snap On tools are everywhere at a decent price. The rest of the items for sale were certainly not old Ford related. Chevy bumpers are a big item for some reason. The car corral was full but again not many old Fords were for sale. I headed home about 10:00 am and called it a good day.

The Nojoqui Falls car show was also on Sunday and thanks to some kind folks I have some photos for you. This is a laid back event and kind of closes the year for rod runs. There is one more I would like to attend this Sunday in Fillmore. The premier of ” The Deuce of Spades” is being held this weekend with lots of activities in town. Congratulations to Faith and her tenacity to make it happen.

I better get back out in the garage and keep pushing.

Stay Tooned!


This nice little 40 sedan was for sale in the car corral. The car is an older build but was priced right at $28K. It was still available when I left. I don’t think much is selling this time of year.

I did stop by Bob’s and take a look at his freshly painted roadster body. This baby really shines and should be stunning when rubbed out to perfection. I love black cars.

Bob has been looking for a real T roadster and this one was parked in the car corral at Long Beach. The owner had started the rust repair work and it looked pretty good to me.

My high school dream car was a shoebox convert but I could not find a good one I could afford in 1957, I still think these are cool rides.

John had his 37 truck in attendance and I looked it over for quit a while. He does some great work and keeps the build very traditional which is his style. The color is Cloud Mist Gray and looks good on the truck.

Toppings parks his very traditional roadster in the front line for all of us old timers to admire. The real McCoy has been around a long time and must be a blast to drive. No need to change anything on this one.

Mr. Forty, Steve had a couple of his collection at the Falls meet. This is a very rare stake bed 40 truck that is perfect in every detail.

He also drove my old 40 convert to the meet. I traded him the convert for his phaeton many years ago. We both were happy.

The very black woody missed the beach exit and ended up at the falls for lunch. Note smooth treatment to the front sheetmetal and one piece windshield.

Today’s ride…dreaming!

I love model 40 sedans and this one was right on the money in my book. Halibrands, stock height and perfect black paint.

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