Monday’s Weekend

LA was blessed with another great weekend for car shows. The Throttlers car show attracts a lot of traditional hot rods and people who love them. Jane and I left early so we could find a shady parking spot for the Woody. When we arrived, the park was rather empty and we had our choice of parking spaces. As with most events, I think the attendance was down this year, but there were still lots of cars to see. The pancake breakfast is always good and the wife and I enjoyed meeting some new people at breakfast. Hot Rodder’s are great people and always have some stories to tell you.

After breakfast, I headed out to photograph some cars and Jane headed for her Sunday Morning ritual of reading the LA Times. The day went by quickly and the park filled up with cars and people. I was interested in the football games and needed to get home in time to see them. I look forward to this show each year and was not disappointed. It is difficult to find a show that features so many traditional cars. My hat is off to the Throttlers.

Next is the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield with some serious drag racing and lots of traditional cars. I plan to attend for a day.

Stay Tooned!


The same group of people park here each year and their cars really get my heart pumping early in the morning. It is still early so more will show up as the day progresses.

I did not see as many T’s as in the past but the Foster Farm chickens were on hand for some pancakes. These two are everywhere.

Paul always brings his cars to the Throttlers. I had not seen the side curtains on his phaeton. He must be preparing for the New Year’s day run in Pasadena. You could spend hours looking at this car and the “do dads”.

I studied this engine for a long time. This is a 21 stud not a 24 stud engine. The blower is a one of a kind and the sandblasted parts are really trick.

A red three window picked his spot early on and was ready for inspection. I don’t know why but 3 windows always remind me of my youth and Detroit. Larry in Detroit has owned his since the 50’s. I hope he is home and resting comfortably. Larry, I am wishing you a speedy recovery so you can drive the sedan with its new upholstery.

I don’t know what the color is called but I sure liked this 40 pickup. I saw the car on Craigslist and was happy to see it in person. SBC and lots of detailing made this a super truck.

Parked next to the 40 was this beauty. I like 34 hiboy trucks and this one was very special. Workmanship was first class and the Buick engine made it a perfect period piece. Nice work.

A nailhead caught my attention and upon closer inspection I noticed how nice the overall detailing was on the engine compartment.
Creating and overall look with a big bulky engine is not easy but this one sure looked good to me.

Roadster owner and long time hot rodder Mr. Cogswell had his 3 window in attendance after a complete redo. This was my favorite car of the show and was a big hit with all Deuce lovers. Chopped top, mile deep black paint, and Halibrands made it perfect in my mind. This car will always be in style with me.

The rear view really accentuates the 3 windows beauty with the chopped top and raked stance. This was the car of my dreams when I was 15 years old. His buddy Frank has red chopped one and a stock height maroon one.

I did not see many roadsters with fenders but this one showed up as I was leaving. Gary would have liked this one with the stock look and Tacoma cream wire wheels.

Today’s sedan…dreaming!

I talked to Choppers member Steve who owned this sedan. He has just finished chopping the car 4 1/2 inches in the front and 4 in the back. A very nice young man who took time to explain to me what he had done. I saw the car unchopped at the LARS and was happy to see it finally got a haircut. He is maybe planning on fenders if he can locate some rear ones.

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