Monday’s Weekend

The weatherman did not want to cooperate for Saturday’s Pasadena Roadster Club event but finally did for a well attended Reliability Run. I think they had just under a 100 cars which makes the run perfect in size. Bob and I left early and arrived in time to see most of them driving the cars through registration. If you like roadsters, that actually are driven, then this is the event for you. You can see primered, painted, and flathead equipped roadsters from 1926 -1936 in any style you like except hi-tech. This show, in my opinion, is what hot rodding is all about. The PRC works hard to make the run as low key as possible and still attract the hard core roadster owners. Not all entrants are gray beards. Young people also build some really nice retro rides. This is a good sign. We watched the first 50 or so cars take off and then headed for a good breakfast. The day was the highlight of my weekend. Maybe next year I can drive one of my creations.

Much thanks goes to the Pasadena Roadster Club for holding this event.

It looked like they had rain in Knoxville for the NSRA event but I am sure they are used to that in the Tennessee area.

Here are some photos.

Stay Tooned!



Starting line up of about 90 cars. The weather held but lots of clouds in Pasadena. Pete has his Horseless Carriage start in this same venue. He was there handing out maps.


The clouds were just there for atmosphere. The roadsters came in groves. This is the event for drivers.


Drivers had their meeting so they would know what to expect. This is a well organized event.


Frank is always first in line with the “Mayflower”. He has installed a new trick Posie front spring to improve the ride.


Frank’s passenger was Jason just in case they needed some help on the way. Young guys with knowledge and good backs are better than old guys who can’t bend over.


There were a couple of model 40’s in the event. This fellow was going it alone. I believe this car used to have a Deuce grille shell installed.


I have seen this car many times and the workmanship from the best of the best is still amazing. Driver participated in the event. You can see more of this car tomorrow. As you know I have a lot of favorites.


Unique engines are common in the roadsters. This was a Hexagon tool air cleaner on the flatty. I think Andy used to own this company.


Old time gauges are common place in most of these roadsters. Most have been rebuilt and look period correct for the cars.


Brads nice SO-CAL home built 29 is another favorite. The oxblood interior with the black exterior really do complement each other. Very nicely detailed. Beautiful job. SO-CAL makes our jobs much easier.

Today’s ride…Dreaming


Henderson’s sedan with new 5 inch chop. Looks bad and beautiful to me. His Dad has an equally nice new red hiboy with the Ohio look.

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