Monday’s Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. My wife and I stayed home for a change while our son was working during the weekend. I told him I worked lots of holidays and there would always be another holiday. A job is real important these days. It was cold for a change and today it rained. I didn’t accomplish much on Andre but managed to make some patterns for the shocks and steering mount. I did cut the steering bracket today and will finish shaping tomorrow.

My friend Frank, who lives in New Mexico sent in some photos of his phaeton he is driving to the Roundup today. Frank has lots of cars and really drives them to events everywhere. He is my hero. I have never been to the event but it sure sounds like my kind of show…maybe someday. Roger sent in photos of his daily driver Deuce sedan. Built in the 70’s he has logged over 90,000 miles on the hiway. Way to go Roger.

On the legal front, it seems like there is a rumor that the DMV is checking cars with a magnet to see if they are steel or glass. I can only think this is a rumor as what difference would the material of a car have to do with registration. I have a glass roadster on an original chassis and I am hoping it still can be registered. The SCV 500 permits bill was not defeated and still is on the books. California is going to do its best to put a damper on street rods in the coming years. Maybe Tom has the right idea, move to Oregon.

I wonder if they will be at Goodguys this weekend. I know they have been there before. Do they know that a magnet does not stick to metal cars that are full of bondo.

Stay Tooned!



This is photo of my long time friend Geroge from Canada. The photo was taken in Gatlinburg in 1977. He still has the car with the SOHC Ford power.


I search storage lots for old cars. This is a local storage lot with some hidden treasure. Note SCTA sticker.


In the late 80’s I was really in to 40 Fords. This is my SD chassis ready for the Chevy transplant. The convert in the background was my daughter’s favorite. I drove the car every chance I had and she was riding shotgun or in the backseat with her girl friend.


I had always hoped for one in this condition but I never had the bucks to purchase one this nice.


Frank and his wife made some nice side curtains for his phaeton. Frank has a stable of Deuces and 40 Fords.


These are the patterns for the front shock mounts which will be transferred to 3/16 CRS plate.


The mounts will bolt into the stock shock mount holes in the 40 frame.


Steering mount pattern which was modifyed after trying the pattern in the chassis. I need more space for the 530 box.


Here you can see how tight the plate is to the headers.


Roger has used his Deuce as a daily driver, 90,000 miles and still going. This is how a tudor should set.

Today’s Deuce…dreaming!


SFSS tudor is going to be a real Hot Rod!

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