Monday’s Weekend

We were blessed with 80 + degree weather in LA this past weekend. I took advantage of the weather and worked in the yard and on the cars. The Wavecrest event was a huge success and Rich, a long time friend, sent along some pictures. The beauty of this event, being on Saturday, is you can attend the Donut Derelicts car show and then head up the street to the beach. Life is tough in Orange County. Huntington Beach has had its ups and downs over the years but it is definitely back to the glory days for surfers, dudes and cars. The Main Street is full of shops to keep the wife busy and you can look at girls, cars, and the beach. I love this city and thanks to Rich for taking the pictures.

Andre received a lot of attention this weekend. I tackled the rivets in the steering mount and the center x member. I won’t say that I finished the job but I have made a lot of progress on this last tough task. I have a process I use to remove the rivets. I first grind the heads flat, center punch the rivet and drill out the rivet. The secret is to drill the hole in the center of the rivet so you don’t elongate the hole. I use a 5/16 sharp drill and have been lucky so far. If the body is off the frame the job is much easier than laying on your back. I took today off and did the rear spring hanger rivets which were relatively easy compared to the center X member. Tomorrow I will tackle the center again. I know I will end up using the hot wrench to cut it out but not until all the rivets are out.

Stay Tooned!


Wavecrest Huntington Beach and the Donut Derelicts events


Feature car is a regular at the Donut shop. This is one of the nicest 29’s around the LA area. Detail is everywhere you look. The owner collected a lot of rare parts for the build.


One look at the flathead and you can see the level of detail involved in the build process.


Another green 29 showed up and was equally as nice. Hallock windshield is a nice item on a 29 as are the louvers in the hood sides.


This photo shows rear view with a very clean look. 1939 Ford tail lights and rolled pan add to the classic look.


This is the Boss’s RPU and featured in this month’s Street Rodder magazine. I think today must have been 29 day.


Paul always has the neatest cars in his collection. This “Real Deal” deuce phaeton hiboy really had the look. A lot of people don’t like hiboy phaetons but I really like them, especially this one.


The interior looks to have the seat set back a few inches for more room. Paul has every accessory available on his phaeton.


Blown V8 is really the icing on the cake. Blower is the only one made for a 21 stud motor.


Ford Woodies are really great cars. The 49 – 51 version makes a super nice ride. This 51 was one of the best at the event. I loved the color and stance.


Mercury Woodies of the same years are very rare. This one was black and beautiful. Most have late model drivetrains for the long hauls. California has several Woody only events and there are usually over a 100 or more at each event. Wavecrest in the fall draws the biggest crowd. It is not uncommon to have over 200 cars in the Woody only event.

Today’s Woody…dreaming.


Green 37 looked awful nice. Note before woody on the right…more tomorrow.

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