Monday’s Weekend

The LA car scene was alive and well this weekend. Saturday’s morning cruise to Goldstein’s Bakery was well attended and the attendees were treated to a special treat. Tom Medley showed up for the meet and it was his 90th birthday. My friend Steve and others picked up Tom and took him to the event. Tom is one of the pioneers of Hot Rodding and the originator of “Stroker McGurk” cartoons in the magazines. Tom was able to sit on a Go Kart the people provided for him. He certainly is a well respected and had a crowd around him all morning. Happy Birthday Tom!

Sunday was the B&M car show in Chatsworth. I left early to get a good parking spot but the street were pretty full by 7:00 am. I was amazed at all the muscle cars that were in attendance. The landscape is changing for car shows. The 32 – 48 crowd is quickly disappearing. Camaro’s, Challengers, and Mustangs with lots of modifications were everywhere. I enjoyed looking at these cars and think most shows and the market will be about “Muscle cars” in the years to come. There were a few old Fords and I took some pictures for you to enjoy. Hot Rods in any form are fine with me, but a Deuce roadster or coupe really gets the heart beating faster.

I have not been working on the cars due to the gate project, but I should be finished by tomorrow…

Stay Tooned!



Tom looks like he is ready to race. What a great day for him and his friends enjoying cars and people at Goldsteins Bakery.


Bill and Bob were in attendance with the Deuce roadster and “Girlie” (40 coupe).


The cloud mist gray coupe is one of Sandy’s favorite…mine too.


Another CMG coupe showed up and joined the party. Steve where is your coupe?


Beautiful gennie rust free sedan is a regular at the bakery and most local events.


I am not familiar with this yellow 40 Woody. I would take it no matter what color it is.


The boys were having breakfast prior to the B&M show. This is the sign of things to come. Deuce, Camaro and 33 hiboy. I like it. All cars were very nice and show worthy. The yellow 33 was built by Roy Brizio a few years ago…fast!


Fennels chopped Mercury sure is beautiful. Paint and metalwork are flawless.

Today’s Flathead….dreaming.


This beautiful flathead was installed in a history Deuce 3 window. More tomorrow.

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