Monday’s Weekend

I spent most of the weekend taking the front suspension off of Andre and working in the yard. Not much work in the yard, but lots of time in removing those rusty bolts and brakes from the delivery. Andre had told me he put new brakes on the car 35 years ago and he did. All of the parts are new. The drums are good and freshly turned, the wheel cylinders are good but the rubber is gone. I really like the genuine Ford seals and parts. I will never use these but someone will like them on their early Ford.

The next step is to remove the wishbone and the perch bolts. If you have worked on these items you know they can be real difficult to remove. I have never been able to remove them without heat and a big hammer…I mean big. Once apart I can split them and weld in the bungs. I also have a couple of choices of front axles. I prefer the stock width Magnum as I feel it gives me a better ride with the 38 1/2 inch perch centers. The CE has 35 inch and the Super Bell has 36 1/2 inch. I used a CE in my last one and it looked and rode find and was the only one that was forged. I don’t think I have every heard of a cast axle breaking but the CE looks better than the Magnum, IMHO. I have a Magnum in stock so that it what I will be installing. The length of your wishbones depend on the perch distance so be sure before you cut them off.

I did not receive any photos from Bakersfield so I will dig up some others from my extensive files. My friend Bob called and wanted to know if he could replace the Chevy in his roadster with a flathead and hook it to the muncie 4 speed presently installed. The answer is Wilcap. They make the adapter even if you wanted to hook a flathead to a 700r4. Flatheads will always have a following as the youngsters are building them today.

Stay Tooned!



Here are my front brakes I will be using. The only problem is the 4 1/2 inch bolt circle. That is O.K. as the rear is 4 1/2 inch also.


This is the CE axle I used in my last delivery. Note how close and narrow the spring is to the frame rails.


This is a 40 Magnum axle Bob “O is using in his model A.


Here is a compelete CE front end and motor mounts.


The rear end is next. Here is a 57 station wagon on SAC springs. Roy sold the chassis and built a new one for Vic. This one ended up under a sedan in Sonoma. SD frames are differnet than a sedan. Holes in x member and thicker gauge.


Sometimes you need dual flamed 40’s to prove a point. They look good don’t they! Axle on the left and IFS on the right. Both ride excellent.


Bruce has one of the nicest 40 coupes around. Note Columibia and tach box.

Today’s rides…dreaming.


Amazing what some people can do to the same car. Thanks John for the photos.

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