Monday’s Weekend

Lots of rain on Saturday which dampened the spirits of some but Sunday turned out O.K. The Detroit Autorama and the “Great Eight” were published on HRHL along with the winner of the Riddler Award. I am not sure what show is the best to attend but when I lived in Detroit, I never missed the Autorama. The weather was usually bad but the cars were outstanding and a lot of real nice people to talk to. Maybe someday I will go back for the show.

The Big Three was also held in San Diego this past weekend and had plenty of good stuff as well as rain to make it feel like you were at Hershey. I used to attend ever-year and buy some good stuff at a fair price. I guess it still draws a huge crowd of vendors and spectators. I love swap meets even if I don’t buy anything. Most of my parts came from Pomona and Long Beach. I guess us old guys like to get away on Sunday morning, talk cars and eat bacon and eggs with lots of coffee. Sounds good doesn’t it.

I spent yesterday making the bottom transmission plate for Andre. Half way through the welding I noticed a lot of water on the floor. This could only mean one thing. The main power cord/water return hose had sprung a leak. I have my lines in a protective cover but somehow the water line was worn through. I spent the next hour taking it apart and ended up cleaning the welding water tank which was a little corroded.

I was watching the Hockey game and thought for a while we had another gold medal. No such luck. Good job USA…Silver is not bad.

All in all the weekend was a great one and I hope all of you drove your hot rod to coffee on Saturday and Sunday.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’O’s son, Rick has a nice new top on his roadster. Albert did a great job as usual. I like the full hood on this car.


Bob’O has a black one so he doesn’t forget which one to drive.


Alan’s convert is coming right along. He installed bear claw latches and some inner workings from Carolina Customs that allow him to use the stock door handles with the bear claws. Neat job and installation.


Here is a shot of the inner door showing installation.


It appears the cable is hooked to the door handle and presto the door opens like original.


Alan did an amazing job of chopping the wind wings. Impossible to detect.


Alan has the car on a rotissere for finishing the underside of the car. These come in handy. The car will be a pale yellow.


A nice 40 coupe getting the same treatment. You can really see what you have when the cars are taken down to bare metal.

Today’s High School Hot Rod…dreaming!


This is a nice “High School Hot Rod” sitting in the park. Note QC just in case some racing is required later on.

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