Monday’s Weekend

The weekend was a good one….NASCAR in town and the Olympics on TV. The weather was great so I worked on finishing Andre’s motor mounts. As I stated, I could have purchased them from any number of sources but I just wanted to make a set to my design and specifications. I admit it has taken me a couple of days, but I am real happy with the results. I photographed the process and will share them with you. I also finished the rear spring hangers for the 9 inch rear axle. I like to mount the rearmost spring hanger through the frame and not below it. This allows the car to set low without the use of lowering blocks. I am almost ready to mount the new front and rear axles.

Neil had completed his third Deuce top and is working on a 33 roadster top for Bob. He thinks it will be done this week. I need to work on mine and have the upholstery installed. Maybe in a couple of weeks when I am burnt out on Andre. Having more than one project breaks up the work week and presents a different set of challenges. I know most of my buddies are working on their cars getting them ready for the Spring season which will start next month. I better get something running…

Stay Tooned!



A young man gets his first Deuce. This is a friend of mine in New Orleans who has a garage full of cars. This little Deuce was a bargain back then and while there are thousands of roadsters today they were rare in the early 70’s. The Nomad looks good also.


Here are the patterns I made for the motor mounts. Similar to P&J but different in many ways.


The mount was clamped in place so I could make the support brace.


The brace support will bolt through the lower snubber hole.


It is important to make sure the mounts are level from side to side. I mount the tubes at a 3 degree downward slope to the rear.


This is the support which I will finish tomorrow. I don’t have a plasma cutter but the torch my dad taught me to use works well. Grinding is a problem for me so I try to make slag free cuts.


The rear spring hangers are ready to go. The front hangers are TCI as I can’t make them as neat for the price they charge. I think they are the cleanest of the front mounts on the market.


County Rod Shop is building a very unique 34 truck. Hemi will be wild. Note neat workmanship.


One of my favorite models is a 34 Ford tudor sedan. This black beauty is also going together at the County Rod Shop. Fornt view shows IFS and wire wheels.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


Bob O’s son picked up his car today from Albert who installed his signature white top. He has done three in our little town. I will have pictures tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it as this car has a full hood and no side exhaust. That is Neil on the left and Bob O on the right making sure is set for Albert to fit the canvas.

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