Monday’s Weekend

The past weekend was like a Summer one with temperatures in the 80’s. Pomona was going strong with Force winning again. Daytona was a long, long race and Jr. almost won again. As for me, I watched all of the racing plus the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Now that was some weekend.

Steve and Jim came to LA and attended the weekly meeting of the SO-CAL Roadsters. The group toured the Currie Museum and sent me some photos to share. Frank has quite a collection. I hope you enjoy them… and thanks Steve for taking Jim with you. You boys should get a condo in LA.

I did some trading and came home with a 350 engine and transmission for Andre. I spent all day today cleaning and putting the engine on my stand. I can now work on it and paint it some color that would go with Folkstone Gray. I like Maroon but I am not sure what color to use. Engines are fun to work on so I will give you some stories of the challenges I have in getting the motor ready for the chassis.

Let’s look at some pictures.

Stay Tooned!



The motor was in good shape but has been stored under a carport for over 10 years. I hoping for the best.


The parts were all very clean which meant I had very little work other than removing 10 year old tape that covered all openings. Resolve it works great.


Inside the motor was just as clean so I am hoping all I need to do is paint it and go. Andre is a budget build so far.


I had made the exhaust for the roadster but they fit fine in the 40 also. I think I will use rams horns for the quiet and easy maintenance. Andre is not that kind of guy.


Frank’s 32 sedan is one to keep. Stock form with flathead. Washington Blue with Black fenders is very traditional and cool.


A long time possession, the 34 roadster has been everywhere.


Boyd built Frank a very nice 3 window coupe a few years ago. Flames show Franks love of hot rods. Jeff chopped the top while at Finks.


No collection would be complete without a Deuce roadster. Frank has a couple of them.


This is one of his Great Race Cars.

Todays roadster…mine.


Still has not sold. Lots of lookers and responses but no buyers. The wife would like it out of the garage as Andre is spread all over.

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